One-on-one individual instruction is available from several Slam Academy Instructors.

Each instructor has their own limited availability and package deals. To learn more, purchase & schedule package lessons, click through to the Instructor's page.
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James Patrick

Private Lessons with an Ableton Certified Trainer

Ableton Live | House and Techno
Sound Design | Modular Synthesis
Advanced Electronic Music Production
Mixing | Audio Engineering

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Alden Groves (EVOKE)

Private Lessons with a Senior Production Instructor

Ableton Live

Mixing & Mastering

Vocal Production

Sound Design

DJ Mickey Breeze_300

DJ Mickey Breeze

Private Lessons with an Expert DJ Instructor

DJing everything from:

Hip Hop to EDM

R& B to lo-fi beats


Erin Clare (EYLXR)

Private Lessons with a Slam Instructor

Ableton Fundamentals
DJing with Rekordbox
Sound Design


Hugh Simons

Private Lessons with a Slam Instructor

DJing, Sound Design, Composition, Recording and Mixing, Harmony and Music Theory, Bass Music Production



Private Lessons with a Slam Instructor

DJing: CDJs & Rekordbox
Set Prep
House Music
Sound Design


Zach Zube

Private Lessons with a Slam Instructor

Ableton Live, Sound Design
Music Theory, Composition
Vocal Coaching & Production
Music for Film

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