Private Lessons

One-on-one individual instruction is available from several Slam Academy Instructors. To schedule your appointment, email [email protected] or call the front desk 612.293.SLAM (7526).

Private lessons are available at our Minneapolis campus. Online and Denver campus lessons can be arranged under special circumstances.

Private Lessons with a Slam Academy Expert and Ableton Certified Trainer

$120 per 1-hour session
Topics include all program content as well as advanced production, mixing, mastering, music theory, and composition.
Please call or email [email protected] to arrange a lesson.

James Patrick

James Patrick

Instructor, Ableton Certified Trainer

A pilot member of the Ableton Trainer Certification program, James participated in the first wave of trainer certifications, and has been a critical force among the user base in the US. After more than a decade of teaching synthesis and sound design at various institutions including Dubspot and the Institute for Production and Recording, in 2012 James co-founded Slam Academy, an Electronic Music School and Ableton Certified Training Center. James uses his involvement in both academic and electronic realms to unite the creative energy, ideas and people of his community.

J. Anthony Allen

J. Anthony Allen

Instructor, Ableton Certified Trainer

J. Anthony Allen has worn the hats of composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, DJ, remix artist, multi-media artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Allen is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic Sounds. His music has been heard internationally in film, radio, video games, and industrial sound, as well as the concert hall and theatre. He is the CEO and co-founder of Slam Academy and a Grammy-Recognized educator.

(If you run into him, he goes by J. – as in, Jay.)

Private Lessons with a Slam Academy Instructor

$60 per 1-hour session
Topics include production techniques, DJing, Sound Design, Branding & Marketing, and all course subjects.
Please call or email [email protected] to arrange a lesson.

Kyle Goodrich<br />(Kyle King)

Kyle Goodrich
(Kyle King)


Music is my sword and shield
Reaching almost two decades as a DJ, Kyle’s selections draw from his experience, and his desire to weave new music with the classics, and always leave the dancefloor blissful and exhausted. Choosing to focus on production the last couple of years, Kyle has consistently challenged himself with various genres of music, refusing to be compartmentalizations. Kyle was hooked from the start and his passion for music truly shows.

Jack Denney<br />(of Ternion Sound)

Jack Denney
(of Ternion Sound)


Currently 1/3rd of the Dubstep super group Ternion Sound, Jack has had experience over the years as a producer of many different styles of music. Starting with FL Studio at age 14, he began in the world of extreme music, making Speedcore, but quickly became bored and sought to expand his horizons to the rest of the Electronic Music spectrum, and other DAWs like Ableton Live. Learning from various schools of thought and genres to create unique music has been his main focus as an experienced producer. No matter what type of sound you‘re going for there’s a good chance Jack will have some insight on how to achieve it.

Joe Woodling<br />(Dumpling)

Joe Woodling


Joe has been a musician for 19 years. He was classically educated with the viola and trumpet. He’s played in jazz ensembles, the Minnesota Youth Symphonies, and picked up the guitar to play in multiple heavy metal bands. He has culminated his experiences to produce his own music. He has experience creating dubstep, trap, and future bass, and has exceptional skills in sound design, mixing & mastering, and DJ’ing.

Katie Kramarczuk<br />(Hydrah)

Katie Kramarczuk


Katie aka Hydrah is an electronic music composer, vocalist, and classically trained cellist and pianist. She has spent years developing her story and her brand, and then developing and executing a successful release strategy with an emphasis on Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram and YouTube. The goal of working with Katie is to develop your story and to get you comfortable with release strategy so that you can progress with confidence as a musician.

Joe Gonzalez<br />(Juke Nukem)

Joe Gonzalez
(Juke Nukem)


Juke Nukem, a DJ/Producer with roots in Texas during the bolstering DnB scene of the early 2000s, relocated to Minneapolis in 2006. By 2011, he founded Slipmats Radio, which later evolved into the local dj cooperative. Following that, he was introduced to the Chicago juke/footwork culture. As a result, the proclaimed duke of Minneapolis juke was inducted into TekkDJz. Subsequently in 2013, Juke created his brand and record label, DISTRICT160.

Tanya Lano<br />(Tanya Leigh)

Tanya Lano
(Tanya Leigh)


Tanya has a history of demonstrated excellence across a wide array of music industry pursuits. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Music with a Business Emphasis from Winona State University coupled with a Recording Engineering diploma from Music Tech in Minneapolis she set off on a career path which would weave through a diverse set of experiences, yet which were all connected by the common thread of music.

Jimmy Cavanaugh<br />(DJ Adatrak)

Jimmy Cavanaugh
(DJ Adatrak)


DJ Adatrak made his way to the stage in a decidedly unconventional way. After graduating from University of Minnesota with a degree in architecture, he knew his passion was more about building beats than structures. With this, Adatrak devoted his energy full time to honing his skills as a hip hop producer and DJ which eventually led to his becoming a member of Slipmats Radio. Adatrak is now DJ for Rhymesayers artist, deM atlaS.

Mike Johnson<br />(Baard)

Mike Johnson


BAARD can be found DJ’ing at just about every known venue in Minneapolis, with gigs regularly every weekend. But, he wears many hats; versatility is a skill that he balances well, as he is equipped heavy in education with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas. Baard’s creativity comes from being a multi-instrumentalist with a forte in vocals. He’s also a Hip-Hop and Electronic music producer, creating music for short films, documentaries and reality shows. His most recent new hat is artist management.

Mike Pendergast<br />(MikeRat)

Mike Pendergast


Michael Pendergast (MikeRat) is a producer, DJ, and promoter, who is heavily involved in the Minneapolis dubstep scene. He was introduced to Ableton Live in 2009 and has since created his own blend of dubstep, glitch, and hip-hop which he affectionately refers to as “sneaky bass”. He has shared the stage with artists such as Thriftworks, Ott, NiT GRiT, Mr. Bill, KJ Sawka, and ill.Gates. His ninja skills are reflected in the classic kung-fu movies he frequently samples.