Erin Clare, aka Eylxr, is a producer and DJ, rooted in Minneapolis MN. Her primary production focus is dubstep and ethereal soundscapes while also starting to expand into breakbeats, drum and bass, and ambient/downtempo. Erin immersed herself in the Slam Community in 2020, since then has completed the Ableton Live, Sound Design, and Mixing and Mastering programs. She has played shows and festivals all across the US including in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, and more. One of her greatest highlights in her musical career was playing Infrasound in 2022, playing a couple originals at the pyramid stage in spring then opening up the 360 stage at equinox for a full solo set.

Erin is available for lessons specializing in Ableton Live fundamentals, DJing, sound design, and all things 140bpm, navigating the music industry and intentionally finding your individual space in the community.

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