Make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

In today’s competitive music industry, poorly mixed or mastered music gets lost in the fray. To stand out from the crowd, tracks need to have the sonic clarity, punch, and polish that is achieved through the processes of Mixing and Mastering. Our program takes students from the initial mixing stages all the way through the radio-ready master.


Produce Professional Tracks

Using Ableton Live, industry-proven techniques, and special tricks and tips from our Ableton Certified Trainers, you will leave this class with finished, polished tracks.

Collaborate and Engage

Slam Academy is a community. While in this class, you will meet your next great collaborative partner, someone to share the stage with, or even your new best friend.

Find Your Sound

Get ready to be exposed to more music than you ever thought was possible. When you come out of this class, you will have a deep understanding of the sound you are looking for, and how to get it.

Produce, Mix, and Master

Use industry-standard tools to mix and master your own songs so they sound as loud and clear as your favorite tracks.

Mike Johnson (Michaelton)

Baard came to us after completing a traditional college music education. Hear what he has to say about the differences.

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Alex (Moonshine)

Alex (Moonshine) found a sense of community waiting for him on campus when he stepped through the door.

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The band Edify came together as students at Slam Academy. Hear their journey in this short video.

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Bionik New Photo-2022_300

Bionik (Stefon Taylor)

Like the part-human, part-machine allusions of his nickname, Stefon Bionik Taylor is at one in both acoustic and electronic realms. As a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator who brings out the best in those around him, that Bionik theory works. Taylor has composed, arranged, and collaborated on countless records with classic and contemporary artists ranging from Phil Collins to Lizzo.


  • Instant access to course materials online
  • Exclusive Ableton Certified Training
  • 3 hours weekly class time online or in-person
  • 12 weeks of in-depth curriculum
  • 1-on-1 help guidance from instructors
  • Extra lab time available online
  • Personalized feedback on your tracks
  • Invitation to our private online community


Membership includes enrollment in one structured program at a time, and Members can add more concurrent programs for an additional $125/month per program.

It's just one of many perks to being a Member at Slam!

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  • Mondays 01/31/23 - 04/17/23 7-10pm CST (Minneapolis)


Our three Flagship courses - Ableton Live, Sound Design, and Music Theory - are all available immediately upon registration.

That's right, you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all three of our core music production programs when you start your Slam Academy Membership. Unlike our "Structured" programs that meet weekly at a scheduled time, our Flagship courses are designed for you to learn at your own pace.

Each Flagship course offers more than 200 pre-recorded video tutorials and course exercises, plus several options for weekly lab time online so you can still get your questions answered by an expert with personalized feedback.


Unable to find a date that works for you? Our online courses offer the exact same content as their in-person counterparts and are modeled after the traditional classroom experience with live instruction.


Mixing and Mastering Curriculum

  • 1: The Setup and Theory Behind Mixing

    Prepare your tracks the right way through understanding proper gain staging and signal processing. Sculpt each sound in your mix to create interlocking puzzle pieces that are all clear as day. Compress and saturate your sounds for maximum punch and loudness.
  • 2: The Mixdown and Render

    Balance each element in the mix to the right level, width, and spatial position. Build the “pyramid” of sounds in your mix to ensure that each sound in your song is loud and clear. Spectrally process those sounds with multi band processing to surgically hype the sweet spot in the mix.
  • 3: Mastering 101

    Watch as professional mastering engineers demonstrate world-renowned techniques to make their own projects as loud as the biggest tunes on earth. Load your own sounds into those same sessions and apply those same methods with their guidance.
  • 4: Final Project Mastering Sessions

    Sit in the mastering position with the instructor and master your own tunes. Set up and dial in the room to the ideal decibel range for equal loudness. Watch and learn as each student in the room has this opportunity, and gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of mastering. Use iZotope Ozone and other industry-standard devices, as well as the native tools in your DAW, to realize the ultimate goal of any musician – to hear their own songs at the level of the best.


Navigate modern music-making tools with confidence to create your own sound and express your musical ideas.


Share your music with the world. In stage or streaming online, our programs include techniques for live performance.


Learn music industry standards, get expert feedback on your tacks, and build connections.