Early Winter

01/08/24 - 01/22/24 w/ Instructor MikeRat (Minneapolis)
01/08/24 - 01/22/24 w/ Instructor Alden Groves (Online)

Enrollment opens 11/08/23

Early Winter | 01/08/24 - 01/22/24 w/ Instructor MikeRat (Minneapolis) | Enrollment opens 11/08/23

Early Winter | 01/08/24 - 01/22/24 w/ Instructor Alden Groves (Online) | Enrollment opens 11/08/23

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For those who have always wondered if music was their passion, this class is for you to discover. This class is for anyone who has wondered what music production is all about. Especially:

  • Aspiring Producers: Just getting started with music production? This course will be the swiss army knife that you will keep forever.
  • Musicians: Improve your compositions by understanding the tools of electronic music production, recording, and sound design.
  • Producers: If you are making tracks that rely on presets, and want to learn how to craft your own sounds, this is the course for you.
  • Songwriters: Improve your compositions by understanding how to use the latest tools in your songs, and record them!

What Our Students Have To Say

Joshua Tolund (Motiz)

Motiz was already an experienced producer but wanted to get deeper into effects and sound design.

Mike Rieckenberg (Specks)

After one year, Specks is putting out finished, professional albums. “Slam is like hanging out with your best friend.”

Julie Thoreen

Julie talks about her creative process that she found in the Sound Design Program, and learning to find her sound.

Ben Gardner (Bolo)

Listen to Bolo talk about the resources he had access to as a student at Slam. Ben got from the classroom to the stage in no time.

Maggie Schultesis (Magnetik)

Getting that immediate feedback from instructors and classmates was a highlight for Magnetik during her time in class!


Rex was looking for a way to build connections while he learned, and a place he could make his own.

Ali Coyle (DJ Ali D)

DJ Ali D had always wanted to learn to DJ, ever since she was a kid. She found Slam and was able to turn that into a reality.

Mike Johnson (Michaelton)

Michaelton came to us after completing a traditional college music education. Hear what he has to say about the differences.

Jacob Butler

Check out student Jacob Butler talking about his experience in the Ableton Program, and his “Break-through A-Ha” moment.

Patrick Caye (Verum)

Check out Verum talking about his musical journey, finding confidence in his skills and a home at Slam Academy.

Renne Knott (Xeela)

After taking our program and learning some workflows and filling in those gaps, Xeela is finishing tunes and growing at a quicker pace!

Jason Soderlund

Jason is a guitar player who came to Sound Design to explore ways to extend his guitar techniques.

Alex (Moonshine)

Moonshine found a sense of community waiting for him on campus when he stepped through the door.

Michael Evalds

Walking in, Michael couldn’t even find the kick and the downbeat. Now he is making amazing tracks in Ableton Live.

Katie (K80)

K80 talks about her experience not even knowing how to open the program all the way to making her first tracks.




Boasting more than a decade of music production, education, and performance, Alden Groves is known for his ability to work in a multitude of styles. From Bass Music to Pop to Hip-Hop, his versatility reflects a deep and nuanced understanding of modern music.



Zach Zube (he/they) is an experienced performer and entrepreneur, who brings a diverse set of skills to Slam Academy. Zach earned a BFA in Music Theatre performance and went on to have a successful career as a professional stage actor for over a decade.


  • Instant access to course materials online
  • Exclusive Ableton Certified Training
  • 2 hours weekly class time online or in-person
  • 3 weeks of in-depth curriculum
  • 1-on-1 help guidance from instructors
  • Extra lab time available online
  • Personalized feedback on your tracks
  • Invitation to our private online community
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Navigate modern music-making tools with confidence to create your own sound and express your musical ideas.


Share your music with the world. In stage or streaming online, our programs include techniques for live performance.


Learn music industry standards, get expert feedback on your tacks, and build connections.