Hugh is a versatile music producer with an extensive background in classical music, music composition, stringed instruments and music theory.  With a strong focus on arrangement, sound design and automation, he has spent the last decade producing dubstep with a perfectionist approach.  He blends strong melodic components with heavy and textured bass sounds that evoke cinematic imagery and emotional complexity.

Hugh started his musical career at age four with a heavy focus on cello, classical music and orchestra.  By his teenage years, he was involved in multiple projects spanning a variety of genres including metal, jazz, orchestra, and choir.  He has performed most genres of Western music at some point during his career.  He was a cellist in the Minnesota Youth Symphony’s top symphony orchestra and has a certificate in recording, mixing and mastering.  As an accomplished studio engineer, producer and performing musician, he excels at technical proficiency in a number of musical avenues.

Hugh is available for lessons ranging from beginner to advanced in Ableton Live, sound design and synthesis, arrangement, mixing and mastering, as well as intermediate cello, guitar, bass and music theory.

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