You know the effect music has on a crowd. Learn to harness the music and control the crowd.

Today’s DJs are experts on the power of music to move people, and with the right knowledge, that power can be yours. Learn to rock a set on any format of professional DJ tools.  This class covers everything you’ll need to create an effective and powerful set, from beat and key matching, using the DJ mixer and effects, reading the crowd, and more!


Run The Party

Using the industry-standard tools of the trade, you will be running the party, the club, or even the festival. We teach not only the tools, but the art and performance of the DJ set.

Get Gigs

We aren't just focused on making the best tracks. We want you to be publishing and selling those tracks as well. Be ready to finish this program with everything you need to start working professionally.

Collaborate and Engage

Slam Academy is a community. While in this class, you will meet your next great collaborative partner, someone to share the stage with, or even your new best friend.

Find Your Sound

Record your own instruments and vocals and add them to your own professional-sounding tracks.

Ali Coyle (DJ Ali D)

Ali had always wanted to learn to DJ, ever since she was a kid. She found Slam and was able to turn that into a reality.

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David Sellers

David talks about his frustration with "free" tutorials and how his experience at Slam Academy was different.

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Ben Gardner (Bolo)

Listen to Ben talk about the resources he had access to as a student at Slam. Ben got from the classroom to the stage in no time.

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James Patrick is a Minneapolis-based DJ and music producer, entrepreneur, and educator. James has over 20 years of professional experience performing at and directing electronic music events, including curation of the International Spark Festival.



Mickey Breeze is a DJ, Artist and teacher. Unlike some DJs who just press play, Breeze uses a drum pad controller to add percussion and transitions over the top of the tracks he plays, as well as create entire beats, adding a unique live performance layer to his DJ sets.


  • Instant access to the video course library online
  • Exclusive Ableton Certified Training
  • 3 hours weekly class time in-person
  • 12 weeks of in-depth curriculum
  • 1-on-1 help guidance from instructors
  • Extra lab time available online
  • Personalized feedback on your tracks
  • Invitation to our private online community


Membership includes enrollment in one structured program at a time, and Members can add more concurrent programs for an additional $125/month per program.

It's just one of many perks to being a Member at Slam!

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  • Wednesdays 02/15/23 - 05/03/23 7-10pm CST (Minneapolis)


Our three Flagship courses - Ableton Live, Sound Design, and Music Theory - are all available immediately upon registration.

That's right, you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all three of our core music production programs when you start your Slam Academy Membership. Unlike our "Structured" programs that meet weekly at a scheduled time, our Flagship courses are designed for you to learn at your own pace.

Each Flagship course offers more than 200 pre-recorded video tutorials and course exercises, plus several options for weekly lab time online so you can still get your questions answered by an expert with personalized feedback.


Unable to find a date that works for you? Our online courses offer the exact same content as their in-person counterparts and are modeled after the traditional classroom experience with live instruction.


DJ Curriculum

  • 1: Turntables, Beatmatching, and Mixing with EQ

    In the first level of the DJ program, we will begin by learning the history of DJing and where it all began. We will learn together, how turntable-ism was first used, and how it has evolved today. We will observe classic DJ techniques, and get a feel for the fundamental tools used in the DJ booth. Each student will get a hands-on feel for the analog turntable, DJ mixer, and prepare for dropping their first beat. We will explore the various beat structures of popular genres, and learn the ins and outs of mixing tunes together and why.
  • 2: CDJs, Controllers, and Software

    We will be focusing our efforts on “hands-on” time in the booth. Preparing for our first sets, each student will have time working the turntables with the instructor’s guidance, preparing their tracks and getting a feel for beat matching and really touching the music. Once everyone can lay down a short set of beat matched material, keeping things flowing, we finish our time with the vinyl turntable and look to the digital age of CDJs and Traktor.
  • 3: Advanced Mixing, Scratching, and Using FX

    We explore “DVS” systems, such as Traktor and Serato. Hear we can apply what we already know about signal flow in the DJ booth, the DJ mixer and turntable, EQ and effects, all to an entirely virtual system. Connect a MIDI controller to your laptop and evoke the same feel as a DJ in an expensive CDJ/Turntable DJ booth! Learn the ins and outs of Traktor, and get in some hands-on time with the instructor, playing your own tunes on these systems. The goal here is to be able to speak the language of the DJ, regardless of the type of playback technology in the mix.


Navigate modern music-making tools with confidence to create your own sound and express your musical ideas.


Share your music with the world. In stage or streaming online, our programs include techniques for live performance.


Learn music industry standards, get expert feedback on your tacks, and build connections.