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Whether you're getting into music as a new hobby or trying to advance your career, you're in the right place. Slam Academy is the Midwest's premiere electronic music school, and only Ableton Certified Training Center in the region. We offer full courses and private lessons in Ableton Live, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, Recording Arts, Music Business and more.



Slam Academy programs are designed to be universal. No matter your experience, what genre of music you like, or what software you prefer — the next step of your music-making journey starts here.

Ableton Live Program

Join Ableton Certified Trainers and learn the world's leading production platform.

Sound Design Program

Find your own sound with the best tools, techniques, and instructors in the world.

Music Theory Program

Take the mystery out of the MIDI grid by mastering harmony, melody, and form.

DJ Program

You know the effect music has on a crowd. Learn to harness the music and control the crowd.

Mixing & Mastering Program

To stand out from the crowd, tracks need to have the sonic clarity, punch, and polish.

Genre Courses

Create original tracks with veteran producers of the genre.
Bass Music, Techno, Tech-House, Trap, Pop EDM, and IDM

Not sure which course is right for you? 

Take our placement questionnaire and find the perfect class for your experience and your interests!


Have you wasted time searching through the sea of tutorials online? Like a puzzle that’s missing pieces, that approach leaves your understanding incomplete and fragmented. 

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Imagine a live classroom experience working directly with an expert to get your questions answered in real time while gaining a holistic understanding of the music production process.


The world of synthesizers and midi-controllers can be intimidating. Even just opening your DAW can be overwhelming and leave you feeling stuck in the weeds.

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Imagine being able to make the music in your head, navigating software with ease and utilizing the latest technology. Let us demystify these tools and unlock your creativity.


Maybe you hated school?!? And the idea of going back to class sounds like hell, and who’s got the time to learn something new when we have to compete in the modern daily hustle? 

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Imagine a classroom experience that is fun, supportive and encourages you to find your own voice. Not just the instructors - the whole community at Slam wants to see you succeed.

Check Out Our Locations

Minneapolis Campus

Check out our Minneapolis campus, located at the Waterbury Building

Online Campus

Our online campus uses the latest software platforms.

Denver Campus

Check out our Denver campus, located at the
Dog House Music Studios

Chicago Campus

Check out our Chicago campus, located at the
Music Garage Chicago

Indianapolis Campus

Check out our Indianapolis campus, located at the
Soundspace coworking space



Build your production skills - without having to search through endless tutorials online and piecemeal your education together - so that you can express yourself through sound and communicate emotionally with your audience.


Covid 19/Pandemic
All Instructors & Staff at Slam Academy are required to be vaccinated.