Zach Zube (he/they) is an experienced performer, entrepreneur, and wellness expert who brings a diverse set of skills to his role as Studio Manager at Slam Academy. Zach earned a BFA in Music Theatre performance in 2006 and went on to have a successful career as a professional stage actor, dancer, singer, and choreographer for over a decade. In 2008, he began teaching yoga and continued to do so for 12 years, helping many people achieve physical and mental well-being through the practice. In 2015, Zach launched his own business focused on Ayurvedic wellness and self-care products, which he successfully ran until 2023.

Music has always been a passion for Zach. He has played piano since childhood and started writing his own music and songs in junior high. While he has a strong basis in music theory, Zach is very much a musician who plays and composes by ear, bringing a unique creative perspective to his work. Zach began taking courses at Slam Academy in April 2022 and is equally eager to continue his learning journey and to contribute his talents as a Slam staff member.

As a queer artist, Zach is committed to supporting artists from marginalized communities and amplifying their voices. He is passionate about nurturing artistic growth and fostering community bonds through his role as Studio Manager at Slam Academy.