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Slam Academy offers a wide assortment of the best online classes available. Our teachers have been honored with awards for their online teaching, and take great pride in creating the world’s best content.

We offer online classes in two varieties: Online Programs and Instant Online Courses.

Online Programs

These classes offer all the exclusive content available in the Instant Online Courses, but function more like a traditional class. These programs can be taken independently with the content provided, or interactively, allowing the students weekly live video chat sessions and feedback on projects from the instructor. With or without the interactive component, all students are guided by our expert instructors within the videos just like our in-person classes.

Simply put: You will not find any more comprehensive, engaging, and personal online classes anywhere.

Ableton Live Online Program

All-inclusive training with today’s best program

Anywhere, Anytime

Ableton Live is the premier production and performance software on the market. Our Online Ableton Live Online Program is a six-month plan designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of this powerful and versatile tool. Every student leaves with the ability to produce music in any genre, under any circumstances.

This Program is also available as a local Twin Cities Program.

Sound Design Online Program

Create your sound with the best tools & techniques

Anywhere, Anytime

In this program, you will be guided through everything you need to know to create incredible sounds from scratch. The course begins at the heart of sound creation with an in-depth study of the nature of both acoustic and electronic sound through analog and modular subtractive synthesis.

This Program is also available as a local Twin Cities Program.

Music Theory Online Program

The missing link between good & great tracks

Anywhere, Anytime

In this online class, we will focus on learning how to organize pitches and rhythms to make dynamic and interesting melodies and harmonies. No experience with music theory, playing an instrument, or reading music is necessary. We will be focusing on how to use your DAW as your instrument to understand and work with music theory.

Instant Online Courses

Instant Access Pass

Over 20 courses from Intro to Advanced Techniques

Anywhere, Anytime

Search our library of award-winning on-demand classes. Each class you enroll in here has an average of 20 hours of video content, a money-back guarantee, and instant access. Get started learning right away with these amazing classes, which over 40,000 students are already using!

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 What does a Program from Slam Academy Mean?

Along with the evolution of the Ableton Live Software, has come the evolution of Ableton Certified Trainer Program.   Ableton grants a few select people and institutions the endorsement to then pass along an official program, on behalf of both Ableton, inc and the Certified Trainer and/or Training Center. We at Slam Academy hold both certifications, and James Patrick actually participated in the development of this program and was the very first Ableton Certified Trainer. The Slam Academy Ableton Live certifications do not grant the student Ableton Certified Trainer status, as offered by Ableton, Inc. These programs are offered by Slam Academy. 

This program is an official, endorsed software program from Slam Academy.   You can use it on any profile, resume, job application, or college application. And you will be awesome.