Specialty Course Library

» Full Access to the Slam Academy Specialty Course Library

» Over 50 a la carte classes

» Includes full workshops, performances, & presentations

Slam Academy "Specialty Course Library" Classes are your ticket to high-quality, on-demand classes.

Classes in our library can be purchased two ways:

The Specialty Course Library: Gives you full access to all classes in our library. You can watch them as many times as you want. This is the best option for someone who wants to take their time learning something like Music Theory or Sound Design. The ISpecialty Course Library is included in our regular memberships.

Individual, A La Carte purchases: Select any class from the list below to purchase it individually. Most classes range between $5 and $15. Note: Not all courses can be purchased through a la carte purchasing.


The Instant Access Pass also has our library of workshops only available to Specialty Course Library holders. This includes full workshops, performances, and presentations from Mr. Bill, Mindex, Pool Boys (Lazerbeak & Bionik), and many more leading professional artists.

Classes are being added to the library all the time, and when a new class becomes available Instant Access pass holders will automatically have access to it.

Featured in the Specialty Course Library

Note: Not all classes in our library are listed here. Concert footage, recordings of live workshops, and special events are only available to Membership students and Specialty Course Library holders.

Music Theory for Electronic Musicians

Mixing and Mastering

Music Business

Sound Design

Music Production Platforms (DAWs)

Music History

Music Composition and Film Scoring

Recording and Media Production

Music Theory (Traditional)

Miscellanious Music Theory