Recording Arts Program

» Ableton Certified Training

» Unlimited Studio Access

» Over 5 Hours Per Week of Contact Time

Master the art of audio recording for the laptop-producer's generation.

Slam Academy’s Recording Arts Program is unlike any other recording program. We don’t focus on the Hollywood studio, the million-dollar consoles, or the “industry standard” version of Pro Tools. Instead, we focus on capturing great recordings and getting the best results in our home studio, with great people and real-world equipment.

After completing this program, you'll be able to:

Produce Professional Tracks

Using Ableton Live, industry-proven techniques, and special tricks and tips from our Ableton Certified Trainers, you will leave this class with finished, polished tracks.

Collaborate and Engage

Slam Academy is a community. While in this class, you will meet your next great collaborative partner, someone to share the stage with, or even your new best friend.

Find Your Sound

Get ready to be exposed to more music than you ever thought was possible. When you come out of this class, you will have a deep understanding of the sound you are looking for, and how to get it.

Get Gigs

We aren't just focused on making the best tracks. We want you to be publishing and selling those tracks as well. Be ready to finish this program with everything you need to start working professionally.

Mike Rieckenberg

After one year, Mike is putting out finished, professional albums. "Slam is like hanging out with your best friend."

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Anthony Frucci (odd2see)

Anthony was working with some YouTube videos but wasn't finding the kind of depth on the topics that he wanted.

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Rex was looking for a way to build connections while he learned, and a place he could make his own.

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Meet Your Instructor:

Bionik New Photo-2022_300

Bionik (Stefon Taylor)

Like the part-human, part-machine allusions of his nickname, Stefon Bionik Taylor is at one in both acoustic and electronic realms. As a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator who brings out the best in those around him, that Bionik theory works. Taylor has composed, arranged, and collaborated on countless records with classic and contemporary artists ranging from Phil Collins to Lizzo.

Registration to this class includes:

  • Access to all 8 weeks, 3 hours per week, of the Recording Arts Program
  • Exclusive Ableton Certified Training
  • Join our Private Discord Community
  • 1-on-1 help from Slam Academy Instructors and/or Teaching Assistants
  • Access to the Slam Academy Studios for private room booking, recording sessions, & production use
  • Additional benefits for Members

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Join us for this 8-week journey through the science and art of live session recording. Once you’re enrolled, check out a room, grab some gear from our collection, and get to work on your projects.

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Recording Arts Curriculum

  • Level 1: The Recording Studio

    The Analog Studio – Jam on instruments and microphones that you connect yourself with instructor guidance.
    Digital Audio Recording – Record yourself and others the right way with your computer and classmates.
    Audio Bussing and Mixing – Blend those recordings together to make them sound big and beautiful.
  • Level 2: Professional Sync and MIDI Integration

    (Session 1) Basic Studio Tracking – Create an original song using all of these professional techniques!
    MIDI Synchronization – Play synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and more along with your recordings.
    Control Surface Integration – Touch and control your sounds with buttons, knobs and faders to enhance precision and feel.
  • Level 3: Guided Tracking Sessions

    (Session 2) Multitrack Studio Tracking – Record a band or multiple musicians at once in a real studio recording session.
    Listening Session and Student Feedback – Share your works with your classmates and instructors to get feedback.
    The Recording Session – Record your own instrumentation to your own original backing tracks.
  • Level 4: Editing and Mixdowns

    Editing your Tracks – Chop, stretch, comp, and refine your song on the timeline.
    The Mixdown – Process and blend your sounds to achieve maximum sonic impact to your audience.
    Final Project Review – Deconstruct your original works with the class and instructor for final feedback.

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