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We live in an attention economy. What can differentiate your sound from other releases? This course will focus on a myriad of aspects related to marketing and promotion in the modern music industry while also covering critical topics like copyrighted, sample clearance, Business registration, taxes, and emerging revenue sources.


3 Month Program

Intro Class: 



Join us and be guided through the multiple levels of the Music Industry Program by instructor Megan Hamilton. And learn to set up and utilize your new, complementary MDIIO account.

Creators of all types must now work a little harder to establish their art and aesthetics amongst a very crowded field. Data from 2017 suggests almost 20,000 singles are released every week. How will you break though? Students will work collaboratively to research and support each other’s art while also working to promote our growing Slam Academy Family.

Megan Hamilton teaches Slam Academy’s Music Industry Program. As both a producer & vocalist with hip hop roots, she’s able to spin toplines atop beats at the flip of a technicolored hat. Megan’s anything-goes approach to music lends her the ability to create a colorstorm of magic in her Minneapolis studio. With releases supported by moguls like Oliver Heldens, Borgore, The Funk Hunters, and more, Hamilton is spanning genres in high demand.

Software Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Enrollment limit: 8 students

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Weekly Outline

  • Industry Level 1: Copyright Basics and Economic Incentives
    Copyright is often looked at from a punitive standpoint ie “you downloaded something illegally”. However, we’ll explain how copyright works and is designed encourages artistic creation. Additional discussion points will include:

    • Differences between PA and SR Copyright
    • 6 Rights granted to Copyright holders
    • 3 Qualifications for copyright registration
    • Mechanical Rights
    • Sample clearance
  • Industry Level 2: Copyright Registration and Performing Rights Organizations
    In this section of the course we’ll cover copyright registration and how to affiliate yourself with performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC as well as with digital rights organizations like Sound Exchange.

    • PRO Registration
    • Differences between 3 major PROs
    • Values to joining a PRO
    • Creating your own Publishing Company
    • SoundExchange Registration
  • Industry Level 3: Demystifying the Music Business
    Often times, the music business is seen as an overly complicated morass of companies and backroom deals. In reality, the music business is at least 11 mostly unrelated industries all working together. We’ll discuss in depth how money can be generated from both songs and artists and how the industry sectors interact.

    • Describe Industry Sectors
    • Track revenue potential within industry
    • Explore career opportunities throughout industry
    • Explore entrepreneurship opportunities throughout industry
  • Industry Level 4: Modern Trends in the Music Industry
    The music business is growing. Fast. In this topic we’ll discuss major trends in music and the economic and career opportunities within these trends. Major topics will include the rise of streaming, vinyl resurgence, how to create fan “rewards” and more.

    • Streaming trends
    • Decline of retail
    • Digital distribution platforms
    • High value physical merchandise
    • Music as a “service”
  • Industry Level 5: Emerging Revenue Streams in Today’s Mobile World
    Artists are innovating in a myriad of ways to create new revenue streams. Importantly, many of these opportunities are available to independent acts as well as more established performers.

    • Licensing
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Patronage
    • Sample pack development
  • Industry Level 6: Business Registration and Controlling Your Future
    The difference between “you” and a “corporation” can be as simple as filling out a few forms. We’ll discuss business registration and the financial and legal implications of how you set up your creative pursuits.

    • Business Structures (sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, B-Corp)
    • Trademark
    • Doing-Business-As registration
    • Domain Name Registration
  • Industry Level 7: Marketing Means Sharing
    How we market and share music is fundamentally changing. An older world of retail stores, posters, magazine reviews, and radio play is being replaced by blogs, pop-up performances, playlists, and more. We’ll work to provide all students resources and lists to market and promote their content to a wide audience.

    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Email Marketing
  • Industry Level 8: Planning to Plan: Releases are Campaigns
    Releasing a record can be an exhausting and unrewarding process. However, with long range thinking, promotional efforts can compound upon themselves broadening one’s audience and increasing the likelihood that something could “take off”.

    • Long term planning
    • Tent Pole Events
    • Press and Radio Support
    • Blogs
    • Labels

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Classes will run every Wednesday from 7 – 10pm, for a total of 12 weeks.
There is no application, and all experience levels are welcome. Just signup with the red buttons!

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Software Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Enrollment limit: 8 students

Enrollment Includes:

  • Admission to all Music Industry Program Classes
  • Admission to 6 months of SlamPass (3 months during the program & a 3-month complimentary SlamPass membership)*
  • Weekly feedback on tracks and projects during class Lab Time
  • Feedback on midway and final projects from Slam Teachers and Guest Artists
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