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In the ever changing world of DJ technology, keeping up with others is essential for staying competitive. With the help of seasoned veterans across a multitude of platforms and skills, the DJ II Program will build on top of concepts taught in DJ I. Members of the Slipmats Radio crew will share their talents and help you build a skill set to elevate your game.


1.5 Month Program

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The DJ II Program is a 6-week classic approach to advanced DJing launching Fall 2020.

DJ III will be launching in Spring 2021 in combination with DJ II, for a full 12 week program.

Picking up where our DJ I Program leaves off, our DJ II Program focuses on teaching you what it takes to design and deliver a truly world class DJ performance. Alongside seasoned DJ veterans, learn the advanced techniques of the turntable, CDJ, and DJ mixer, as well as how to create custom playlists, sets, and routines. Get in our amazing DJ booth and learn hands-on techniques of looping, sampling, doubles, offsets, chasing, using acapellas with the pros!

This course uses turntables, CDJs, DJ mixers, and laptops with either Recordbox, Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ.  Ableton DJs are also welcome!

Members of Slipmats Radio Crew lead the instruction in Slam Academy’s DJ II Program, alongside the DJ I Program instructor Kyle Goodrich (Kyle King).

Software Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Enrollment limit: 10 students

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Weekly Schedule

  • DJ II Week 1: Advanced Mixing Techniques with DVS and CDJs

    Learn and apply professional mixing techniques to your digital track library such as proper fader and EQ techniques for blending different styles of music, and applying effects within your mixer or DJ software to enhance transitions and blends.

  • DJ II Week 2: Sampling and Scratching

    Manipulate your songs with hands-on techniques of sampling and scratching.  Sample sounds directly into your DVS system and create sequences and patterns to practice in your routine.  Learn the cuts and transformers of classic DJs and integrate them into your set.

  • DJ II Week 3: Looping and Juggling

    Create and manipulate patterns of loops and sequences by juggling and chasing your songs together.  Evoke double drops and offsets in real-time to create new remixes of your own material on the fly.  Extend your own mixes and tracks indefinitely by manipulating your music in the mix.

  • DJ II Week 4: Advanced Cue Points
    Arrange cue points in your library and organize those cue points into sequences and patterns. Create loops and loop rolls based on these cue points.  Develop playlists of songs around these sequenced cue points, and build a routine that incorporates these elements.
  • DJ II Week 5: Live Remixing
    Blend and remix various loops, acapellas, instrumentals, and other sound material into a collage that is unmistakably yours.  Play with tones and samples in the same way that a jazz guitar player shreds.  Create something new out of various, surprising elements, to keep your set fresh and exciting.
  • DJ II Week 6: Finalize your Routine
    Play your routine with professional guidance and feedback on the big Slam soundsystem.  Refine your performance before recording it and sharing it with the world. Learn how to use that mix as a tool to get connected and booked in your local DJ community.

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Classes will run every Wednesday night from 7pm – 10pm, for a total of 6 weeks.
There is no application, and all experience levels are welcome. Just signup with the red buttons!

To enroll in the DJ II Program, purchase below. This price includes all the required classes, at a significant discount from buying them individually.  

After payment for the program is received, we will contact you to welcome you to the program and answer any additional questions.
Price: $900 (Includes all classes, All Access pass to all Slam Academy regular classes, (including online classes) and 3 months of SlamPass)
Payment plans are available for this program.

Join the DJ II Program for only $235/month using our simple payment plan.
If you have any questions about the program, please contact us.

Software Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Enrollment limit: 10 students

Enrollment Includes:

  • Admission to all DJ II Program Classes
  • Admission to 3 months of SlamPass (1.5 months during the program & a 1.5-month complimentary SlamPass membership)*
  • Weekly feedback on tracks and projects during class Lab Time
  • Feedback on midway and final projects from Slam Teachers and Guest Artists
  • 25% Returning Student Discount on all future enrollments**
  • Free Instant Access Pass (access to complete non-program online video library)
  • Discounts and Special Offers on hardware and software from our friends at Foxtone Music

*SlamPass is only available to students currently enrolled in a program; students who have completed a program in the last 1.5 (or 3 or 6, program depending) months; or students who directly purchased a SlamPass

** Not valid with other discount offers & coupons.

2 week Add/Drop period – Money Back Guarantee

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New start every 3 months!

Dates my be subject to change.

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