Voloco is a powerful mobile app for vocal processing, autotune, and vocal effects. In this course we will walk through all of the essential tools and tricks you can do with Voloco in your tracks.

Course Outline

  • Voloco Power User
    • Introduction
    • Quickstart
    • Autotune
    • Mic Technique
    • Producing with Voloco
    • Uploading
    • Loading Projects Into Ableton Live
    • Another Tracking Method
    • Layering
    • Quickswitch
    • Live Performance
    • Mastering Effects
    • Audiobus
    • Wrap Up
  • Finishing Your Voloco Songs
    • Intro
    • Import and Arrange
    • Normalizing Audio Clips
    • Editing Audio
    • EQ and Compression
    • Spatial Position and Time Based FX
    • Levels
    • Rendering

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Hour

Course Instructor

Michael Johnson Author

Michael T. Johnson (aka Baard, aka Michaelton) can be found DJ’ing at just about every known venue in Minneapolis, with gigs regularly every weekend. But, he wears many hats, (both figuratively and literally). Versatility is a skill that he balances well, as he is equipped heavily in education with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas. His studies dove him deep into communications, recording arts, choral ensemble, music business, music theory & acoustics, social media branding, marketing, and graphic & web design. Baard is an Ableton Live enthusiast, getting daily mentoring from the top ACT’s for over 2 years now after completing the Ableton Live program at Slam Academy. He teaches privately as well as providing support for other instructors. Baard’s creativity comes from being a multi-instrumentalist with a forte in vocals. He knew, ever since making his first beats and raps in high school, that music was his direction. Baard also keeps himself busy as a music producer, clocking in endless hours of studio time to create music for short films, documentaries, and reality shows. His most recent new hat is artist management, providing guidance and connections for new artists.



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