Are you a music maker, performer, composer, or aspiring songwriter looking to up your game? This is the place to start.
This course is all about mastering FL Studio 20 in a quick, straight-to-the-point way. We will dive in with some demo tracks by expert FL Studio producer and DJ Jacob Gundlach (and your co-instructor for this course), and pick them apart to see how they work, and how they were built. Jacob will then take you on a journey through the FL Studio 20 software in a way that shows what everything does, how it works, and (most importantly) how to make great music with it.
Throughout this course Jacob will make a track with you, side-by-side. The last two sections of the class are on Mixing and Mastering, and you will finish this class with a completed, mastered, radio-ready track.

Here is a list of some of the topics we will cover:

  • The Main FL Studio Interface
  • Navigation in FL Studio: Finding things quickly and efficiently
  • Using Samples
  • The Drum Sequencer
  • Automation
  • Using MIDI Controllers
  • FL Studio's Built-In Instruments and Synthesizers
  • Sound Design
  • Making Beats
  • Arranging
  • Plugins and Audio Effects
  • Side-Chaining
  • Mixer and Plugin Presets
  • Recording
  • Recording Vocals
  • Recording Live Instruments
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • EQ Techniques
  • Compression Techniques
  • Reverb and Delay Techniques
  • Creative Approaches to Mixing
  • The 11 Essential FL Studio Plugins
  • And Much, Much, More!

Course Outline

  • Welcome & Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Demo Tracks
  • Navigation
    • Toolbar Panel
    • Playlist Window
    • Piano Roll Window
    • Channel Rack
    • Mixer Window
    • The Browser
    • The Sampler
    • Settings and Loading 3rd Party Plugins (VSTs)
  • Getting Started – Diving In and Building a Track!
    • Playing with Samples
    • The Drum Sequencer
    • Using Automation
    • Setting Up a MIDI Controller
    • Adding and Editing MIDI
    • FL Built-in Instruments and Synthesizers
    • Basic Sound Design
    • Building a Full Instrumental Loop (Beat)
    • Arranging and Arrangement Patterns
    • Exporting and Export Settings
  • The Mixer
    • Routing and Organization
    • Plugins and Audio Effects
    • Signal Flow
    • Groups and Busses
    • Setting up a Side-Chain
    • Using Sends
    • Mixer and Plugin Presets
    • Wrapping Up (Workflow shortcuts!)
  • Recording Audio and MIDI
    • What You Will Need (Hardware Requirements for Recording)
    • Setting Up To Record
    • Recording Vocals and Live Instruments
    • Recording Tips
    • Recording MIDI
    • Helpful Tools!
    • Edison
    • Shortcuts!
  • Mixing and Mastering in FL Studio
    • Introduction to Mixing
    • Organizing our Session
    • Gain Staging
    • Creating Room (Creating Space)
    • Basic EQ Techniques
    • Basic Compression Techniques
    • Reverb and Delay Techniques
    • Take a Break!
    • Distortion and Saturation Techniques
    • Stereo and Mono
    • Creative Approaches to Mixing
    • Using Maximus
    • Finishing the Master
  • The 11 Essential Plugins
    • Delay Reverb
    • Distortion
    • Dynamics
    • Filter
    • Flanger
    • Gain
    • Effector
    • Gross Beat
    • Newtone
    • Newtime
    • Pitcher
  • Wrap Up
    • Thanks for Watching!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2.5 Hours

Course Instructor

Vincent Johnson Author



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Welcome & Introduction


Getting Started – Diving In and Building a Track!

The Mixer

Recording Audio and MIDI

Mixing and Mastering in FL Studio

The 11 Essential Plugins

Wrap Up

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