We are thrilled to announce this year's Back-2-School sale:
New members receive your first month of membership FREE!

Sign up now through October 15th to take advantage of this deal, and pay nothing until November 15th, 2022. ACCESS BEGINS Saturday, October 15th.

We've also launched a new membership plan specifically for online learners. Now for just $150/month you get the same structured classroom experience and personalized feedback with our Ableton Certified Trainers (with a whole bunch of other perks), from the comfort of your home - wherever that may be! See below for more details.

In addition to classes, all members get access to our exclusive video library featuring more than 650 pre-recorded videos on topics ranging from Sound Design to Mixing and Mastering. Members also get access to several weekly, interactive online labs for additional time with our instructors, plus personalized feedback on your tracks, and inclusion in our thriving creative community of musicians and producers.

In-person memberships are $250/month and include additional access to book studio time in our NE Minneapolis studios, as well as access to our Recording Arts and DJ Programs which are only available in-person in Minneapolis.

What fits your lifestyle better - online or in-person?


In-Person Membership currently only available to our Minneapolis campus. Denver and other satellite campus courses are a la carte.

Become a part of the community.

Learn with us online or in-person - either way - we're committed to expert live instruction. We are real humans, here to help you with your music. Get your questions answered in real-time with personalized feedback and a supportive community of creatives at your back.