As of 2018, we’ve decided to bring back these weekend workshops, featuring the Adult DJ Workshop Weekend every fall, which is ideal for students who want to learn how to perform, beat-match, and get on stage; and the Adult Producer Workshop Weekend every spring, for students interested in learning how to make the music that they love listening to.

Adult DJ Workshop Weekend

Dates: late-October 2021

Day 1: Turntables, Beatmatching and Mixing with EQ
Day 2: CJs, Controllers and Software
Day 3: Advanced Mixing, Scratching, and Using FX

Cost: $499 (lunch not included)
Times: 10am – 5pm Friday – Sunday (1-hr lunch break)
Ages: 18 – no max. age
Location: Waterbury Building
Address: 1121 NE Jackson St, Suite 142, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Adult Producer Workshop Weekend

Dates: late-April 2021

Day 1: The Ableton Live Interface; Sequencing, Recording; and Arranging
Day 2: Editing; Effects Processing; Synthesis and Sampling
Day 3: Controllers and Instruments; Performances with Ableton Live; Mixing & Mastering