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Ableton Live is the premier production and performance software on the market. Our Ableton Live Online Program is a six-month plan designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of this powerful and versatile tool. Every student leaves with the ability to produce music in any genre, under any circumstances.

Slam Academy is proud to host the only Ableton Live program with four Ableton Certified Trainers. Our instructors have presented at Ableton’s own Loop festival in Berlin, toured the world as DJs and Producers, and taught Ableton to some of the most highly respected producers on the scene.

But don’t let that intimidate you. Our Ableton Certified Trainers run this class like all Slam Academy classes: with the emphasis on learning, and not dogma. Motivation instead of intimidation, and inspiration instead of humility. We value the experiences of everyone in every class, so join in and become part of the most powerful Ableton Live class online!

The Ableton Live Online Program has hundreds of hours of video, in addition to two weekly live sessions.

Live Sessions

Live sessions happen two times per week and are optional. You do not need to join in, but once you do we think you will be hooked. In them, you can ask questions, get feedback on your track, or you can just sit quietly and listen.

Most students come to one live session per week. The scheduled will be posted in the class, and the two sessions are usually spaced apart to allow for students in different time zones to attend.

Joining the live session is as easy as clicking the link for the session provided in the class – no additional software is necessary. If you have a webcam the teacher will be able to see you, but if you don’t that’s fine too. You will always be able to see and hear the teacher, in real-time.

Video Library

Ableton Overview

Slam Academy is an Ableton Live Certified Training Center and that means we offer the most comprehensive Ableton courses that you can get! In our Ableton Program we cover everything from the basics to the most subtle intricacies of Live's functionality, empowering you to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper more efficiently and effortlessly.Today on Black Friday we are offering 50% off this program ($1499.50 at once, or $134.96 per month). Check the following link for registration and check the rest of our website for 50% off of any of our programs for our Black Friday sale!

Posted by Slam Academy on Friday, November 24, 2017

If you’ve spent time combing YouTube for tutorials, then you know what an advantage it is to have a structured curriculum. When you work with our lessons, you will get top quality videos, organized by topic, that will lead you through every conceivable situation. And if we don’t have it, you can always ask in the Live Session!

All of our videos have been updated with the latest version of Ableton Live: Live 10 Suite. If you are using an earlier version, you will be just fine. But we encourage students to always be using the latest versions.

When you work with the library, you will be able to go at whatever pace you like. One video a day, one a week, or binge a whole section at a time – it’s totally up to you.

The eight levels of the Ableton Program have been structured and developed by our own Ableton Certified Trainers. Each class includes a project, exercise, and multiple concepts.

The Ableton Program is the most rigorous training we offer in Live. It is a comprehensive and systematic approach from the ground up, designed for the most dedicated Live students. This sequence takes the novice producer through the most advanced content and cutting-edge techniques, equipping you with all the tools you will need to be a professional Live user.

James Patrick teaches Slam Academy’s Ableton Live Program. 15-year DJ/ music producer, curator of the International Spark Festival, owner of Timefog Recordings, and Ableton Certified Trainer; James Patrick is a sound artist who thrives on bringing together the creative energy and ideas of his community.

Software Requirements: Ableton Live software (Suite preferred)

Prerequisites: None

Always On – Start Anytime

The Slam Academy Online Programs are available to start whenever you like. Once you enroll, you will immediately have access to over 100 hours of video, projects, session files, and more. In addition, if enrolling with the interactive component, every week there are multiple live video chat sessions where students can interact face-to-face with their instructor and fellow students.

How does it work?

Once a student enrolls in the Ableton Live Online Program, they will be given access to their own custom portal page. On it, they will have access to all of the class files, separated into 8 different “levels”. From there, the student can go at their own pace. We recommend that this content should take 6 months to complete, as it does in our in-person classes.

If the student has selected the Interactive version of the class, they will also see in their portal a link to access to the Live Chat. Students are welcome to access the chat at any time and talk to each other about what they are working on. The instructor will have hours posted for when they will be in the room as well.

Program Overview

  • Live Level 1: Interface Navigation

    Create your own original music sketches using Ableton Live’s Factory Library sounds. Understand and practice the general workflow of music creation within Live. Customize Live to behave the way you want it to, and arrange your own grooves, basslines, melodies, and harmonies using Live’s virtual instrument collection.

  • Live Level 2: Sequencing and Recording

    Create your own original sequences using Live’s intuitive Session View. Record your own sounds into Live and warp them to your own grooves. Mangle and twist those recordings to create entirely new sounds for your arrangements. Record yourself jamming on the knobs to add life to your sketch with automation and modulation.

  • Live Level 3: Arranging and Editing

    Create intricate changes, drops, breakdowns, tempo changes and more using Live’s Arrangement View. Chop, slice, reverse, and further refine all of your sounds to create riveting sound environments. Record yourself improvising across the timeline to further enhance your tune. Export your first fully arranged and edited song by the end of this level!

  • Live Level 4: Effects Processing

    Turn your electronic music into something incredible with professional effects processing techniques. Sculpt your audio creations into exactly what you imagine using your own custom signal processors. Improvise with these custom processors in your own music, or live on stage using Slam Academy’s world class techniques.

  • Live Level 5: Synthesis and Sampling

    Create your own original sounds from scratch. Build your own synth leads, basses, drums, pads, sound effects and more, entirely with Live’s virtual instrument collection. Incorporate those into your final project for this level to create your own entirely original electronic music composition, from the very ground up!

  • Live Level 6: Controllers and Instruments

    Add more human control to your music by connecting your own controllers and instruments to Live. Customize your APC40, Push, and other Control Surfaces to respond exactly the way you want them to. Learn the world of recording interfaces and external hardware. Record synthesizers, drum machines, and musicians playing real instruments alongside your arrangements.

  • Live Level 7: Performance

    Learn to play your own original songs live in front of an audience. Design a live performance set that will allow you to jam alongside live musicians, DJs, and more using Ableton Live and a MIDI controller of your choice. Also learn how to DJ with Ableton Live in this level.

  • Live Level 8: Mixing and Mastering

    Push your original songs onto the world stage using industry standard Mixing and Mastering techniques. Polish your own songs alongside Slam’s expert mix engineers. Hear your own songs stack up to the loudness and clarity of your favorite all time tunes. Finish this level with a completed original song or EP, ready to share!


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