Make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

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Small Class Sizes

Get the most out of class by being up close with your instructor.
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1-on-1 Project Feedback

Work on your own tracks under the guidance of our acclaimed producers.
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Ableton Certified Training

One of the only Ableton Certified Training Centers in the U.S.

In today’s competitive music industry, poorly mixed or mastered music gets lost in the fray. To stand out from the crowd, tracks need to have the sonic clarity, punch, and polish that is achieved through the processes of Mixing and Mastering. Our program takes students from the initial mixing stages all the way through the radio-ready master.


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After completing this program, you'll be able to:

Produced Professional Tracks

Using Ableton Live, industry-proven techniques, and special tricks and tips from our Ableton Certified Trainers, you will leave this class with finished, polished tracks.

Collaborate and Engage

Slam Academy is a community. While in this class, you will meet your next great collaborative partner, someone to share the stage with, or even your new best friend.

Find Your Sound

Get ready to be exposed to more music than you ever thought was possible. When you come out of this class, you will have a deep understanding of the sound you are looking for, and how to get it.

Get Gigs

We aren't just focused on making the best tracks. We want you to be publishing and selling those tracks as well. Be ready to finish this program with everything you need to start working professionally.

Mixing & Mastering Curriculum

  • 1: The Setup and Theory Behind Mixing

    Prepare your tracks the right way through understanding proper gain staging and signal processing. Sculpt each sound in your mix to create interlocking puzzle pieces that are all clear as day. Compress and saturate your sounds for maximum punch and loudness.
  • 2: The Mixdown and Render

    Balance each element in the mix to the right level, width, and spatial position. Build the “pyramid” of sounds in your mix to ensure that each sound in your song is loud and clear. Spectrally process those sounds with multi band processing to surgically hype the sweet spot in the mix.
  • 3: Mastering 101

    Watch as professional mastering engineers demonstrate world-renowned techniques to make their own projects as loud as the biggest tunes on earth. Load your own sounds into those same sessions and apply those same methods with their guidance.
  • 4: Final Project Mastering Sessions

    Sit in the mastering position with the instructor and master your own tunes. Set up and dial in the room to the ideal decibel range for equal loudness. Watch and learn as each student in the room has this opportunity, and gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of mastering. Use iZotope Ozone and other industry-standard devices, as well as the native tools in your DAW, to realize the ultimate goal of any musician – to hear their own songs at the level of the best.


  • For people like me, who care about creating amazing music more than just about anything else in their lives, Slam Academy is that secret sauce that you've always wanted, but never knew you needed. A place that people who truly want to become experts at music production can call home. Not only will you be given all the tools and techniques you need to make dope music, but you will be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals that you just can't help but get better.

  • I've learned a s***load from the videos on the website and the interactive sessions are great! I guess it would take me years of fiddling to find out some of the stuff - it's really helpful. You've touched on a lot of stuff where I get stuck in production, I feel this is gonna explode my workflow. Just wanted to say a million thanks, looking forward to the next class!

  • Bionik's [Instructor Stefon Taylor's] theories on creativity and songwriting have affected my work and I feel that I have "upgraded" as a musician because of them.  The other students in the class ranged from little studio knowledge to accomplished musician and I know everyone was able to connect, engage, and ultimately develop a solid mental concept for how to approach recording.

  • It has not only given me the skill to confidently use Ableton, along the way, my ears have been developing, I\'ve also learned about music theory, audio physics, synthesis, electronic music history and other mind-blowing subjects, and of course, I\'ve learned how music is produced with the highest quality standards. In just 6 months I got from feeling lost within the software to move around it like only I had seen pro\'s doing it.

  • I would like to express what a profoundly constructive, transformative force Slam Academy has been for my life to this point. Slam and its staff have provided me with the tools of the trade, several skilled pairs of guiding hands in the process of learning to use them, and myriad opportunities for creative exchange and collaboration. More fundamentally, you have shared your temple with me and given me a place to call home.

  • Slam Academy really made it real for me, and I wouldn't be there without the things you showed really helped me step it up to the next level.  Just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and what you did for me.

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