Maybe you’ve been interested in taking a program at Slam but want to get a feel for the community and space first. Maybe you’re self-taught or have been in programs elsewhere and are looking for a good space to work on your tracks. Or maybe you’re a past Slam student whose studio time has expired.

Traditionally, when students enroll in one of Slam Academy’s programs, they receive complimentary access to Slam’s studios for a full year from the start of the program. Now, with Slam Pass, any pass holder will get monthly access to the non-program happenings at Slam.


Monthly membership includes:

  • Admission to any non-program classes
  • Equipment and studio reservations during Slam Academy Studio Hours
  • Full access to the online class library (free and paid non-program classes included)
  • 1/2 hour private lessons with Slam Academy Teaching Assistants
  • Slam Academy community involvement: feedback, collaboration opportunities and events



Program students will still have access to Slam Academy Studios beyond the duration of the program, but will now receive a complimentary six-month membership at the completion of their program, available for renewal on a monthly basis after its expiration.

SlamPass Monthly Subscription

per month

SlamPass Yearly Subscription

per year

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