Maybe you’ve been interested in taking a program at Slam but want to get a feel for the community and space first. Maybe you’re self-taught or have been in programs elsewhere and are looking for a good space to work on your tracks. Or maybe you’re a past Slam student whose studio time has expired.

Traditionally, when students enroll in one of Slam Academy’s programs, they receive complimentary access to Slam’s studios during the program and an additional 6 (or 3 or 1.5, program depending) months upon completion. Now, with Slam Pass, any pass holder will get monthly access to the non-program happenings at Slam.


Monthly membership includes:

  • Admission to any non-program classes
  • Equipment and studio reservations during Slam Academy Open Hours
  • Full access to the online class library (free and paid non-program classes included)
  • 1/2 hour private lessons with Slam Academy Teaching Assistants
  • Slam Academy community involvement: feedback, collaboration opportunities and events



Program students will still have access to Slam Academy Studios beyond the duration of the program, but will now receive a complimentary membership upon completion of their program, available for renewal on a monthly basis after its expiration.

SlamPass Monthly Subscription

per month

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  1. If/when you wish to cancel your subscription, simply email [email protected] and let us know. Thanks!