Instant Access Pass

With the Instant Access pass, you get full access to all Slam Academy Instant Online class library for one low monthly subscription. If you plan on taking more than one of our classes, this is the best option for you.

The Instant Access Pass also has our library of workshops only available to Instant Access Pass holders. This includes full workshops, performances, and presentations from Mr. Bill, Mindex, Pool Boys (Lazerbeak & Bionik), and many more leading professional artists.

Classes are being added to the library all the time, and when a new class becomes available Instant Access pass holders will automatically have access to it. Current courses include:

  • Ableton Live Introduction
  • Circuit Bending: Making Music By Rewiring Devices and Toys
  • Electronic Music Fundamentals
  • Film Scoring – Part 1: Techniques for the Modern Composer
  • Film Scoring – Part 2: Techniques for the Modern Composer
  • Logic Pro X Quick Start: Producing with Logic Pro X
  • Max For Live: Creating Your Own Audio Tools in Max For Live
  • Music Composition Techniques 1: Getting Started
  • Music Composition Techniques 2: Tension & Release
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 1 – The Symbols of Music
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 2 – Chords, Scales & Keys
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 3 – Minor Keys & More
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 4 – Modes and Counterpoint
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 5 – Counterpoint Complete
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 6 – SATB Composition
  • Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 7 – Harmonization
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 1: The Basics and Major Keys
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2: Minor Keys and More
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 3: Extended Harmony
  • Producing with Pro Tools First
  • Sound Design Fundamentals
  • The Ableton Operator
  • Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 1 – The Interface & The Basics
  • Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 2 – Recording & Warping
  • Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 3 – Producing & Editing
  • And more being added all the time!


Instant Access Pass

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