Welcome to Slam Academy’s Ableton Live Online Program!

Greetings!  Before we even get started – A bit about the structure of the program.

This entire course is broken down into the following parts:

Levels – There are 8 total levels that are 3 classes each.
Exercises – There is 1 Exercise per Class.
Projects – There is 1 Level Project per Level.
Lab Sessions – There are 2 Lab Sessions, aka “Office Hours” every week as well.
Videos – There are anywhere from 3 – 20 videos per class, and each video is 3 – 10 minutes long approx.

TIP:  The majority of each Level’s video content is in Class 1.  That leaves Class 2 for techniques and Class 3 to focus your energy on watching the remaining videos, clicking along, and polishing up your level project.

So here’s what to expect:

24 individual classes, each with their own videos and Weekly Exercise.  Every 3 classes, there is a “Level Project” that interactive students can submit for feedback.  Interactive students get 2 hours per week with the instructor.

OK so here we go with the course!  Hang on tight!

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