Learn At Slam

The Slam Academy is devoted to creating a noncompetitive, experiential learning environment to anyone who seeks it. We believe that each of our students has something valuable to say, and our ultimate goal is to empower them with the ability to release it through music.

When it comes to electronic music education in the Twin Cities, there are two options: 1. YouTube, and 2. College Programs. While we at Slam Academy are big fans of a college education, there seemed to be a gap in options. On the one hand was a free and completely unsupervised, non-reactive medium (YouTube), and on the other a highly focused (and fairly expensive) college education. In our opinion, there should be something in between. Something that gives the student one-on-one, personal education at an affordable price.

Since the start of each electronic art form – music, video, digital image making, software development – participation has been reserved for those who can afford the technology. In the last few years, technology has become more and more inexpensive and accessible. Pretty much anyone can make great work – all you really need is a computer. If you have a computer, we can show you how to make art on it.


Slam Academy’s Programs are designed to take students all the way to the professional level. Each program has been carefully crafted to give students everything we think they will need to be producing tracks, playing gigs, and even teaching others music. Students leave all our programs with a mastery of the topics covered, taught by experienced, professional producers, DJs, educators, and scholars. Additionally, select students receive a printed certificate acknowledging exceptional achievement.


Slam Academy is dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels discover musical expression and creativity – from our week-long youth summer camps to our weekend Music Unite Minneapolis free immigrant & refugee workshops.

Free Introductory Classes

Slam Academy offers free introductory classes continuously throughout the year.

Here is an overview of the next 4 months of free classes at Slam Academy!

Is there something you’re interested in learning more about but we don’t offer it as a free class?

Email [email protected] to let us know. We’re always looking to share new content!

Private Lessons

One-on-one individual instruction is available from several Slam Academy Instructors. To your schedule your appointment, email [email protected] or call the front desk 612.293.SLAM (7526).


Maybe you’ve been interested in taking a program at Slam but want to get a feel for the community and space first. Maybe you’re self-taught or have been in programs elsewhere and are looking for a good space to work on your tracks. Or maybe you’re a past Slam student whose studio time has expired.
Traditionally, when students enroll in one of Slam Academy’s programs, they receive complimentary access to Slam’s studios for a full year from the start of the program. Now, with Slam Pass, any pass holder will get monthly access to the non-program happenings at Slam.

Group Workshops & Team Building Events

The process of making electronic music requires two kinds of creative development. Some aspects are best done solo, while others require feedback, collaboration and the energy of a team. We’ve created these opportunities to model that creative process for groups in short-term, focused workshops.

We offer two types of workshops:

Build an album with your group. This workshop is focused on production. Each member produces an air-ready track and collaborates with the group to integrate feedback and finalize the mix.

DJ your own party. This workshop is focused on electronic music performance. Team members collaborate to develop a set appropriate for an entertainment event and learn strategies to play it together live. Optionally, Slam Academy supports your performance at the space you choose, providing software, performance gear, mixing equipment and PA system.