Aaron Neff aka. NuAge Knight is one of the few recognized chill electronic music producers in the twin cities demonstrated by his performances as direct support for similar-sounding electronic producers like Sweater Beats and Luca Lush.  He has had multiple releases with EDM.com sub-labels, Chinchilla and The XXX and understands what it takes to make a label ready song. Starting making rap beats on Garageband, that progressed into buying Logic. Followed by making the decision to move to Minneapolis to attend IPR to pursue a career in music production.  Aaron was introduced to Ableton Live as well as a brand new world of lo-fi, funk-inspired, downtempo electronic music on the contrary from the extremely high energy EDM that he thought electronic music was only made up of. Since then, Aaron created his NuAge Knight alias and has shifted his focus from hip hop beat production.  Obtaining his associate’s degree in Audio Production and Engineering in 2015, no matter what sort of music you’re making, Aaron knows what your song needs to be finished and how to get to that point.