This is MikeRat, Slam Academy’s original ninja.  Across dozens of original tunes, he has become a heavy hitter in the Minneapolis glitch-hop scene.  A resident performer of Infrasound, his sets are fun, bright, and absolutely riddled with samples from old kung-fu movies.  His “write from the heart” approach to producing music (and life) has created a wildly unique and energetic style, which he affectionately has dubbed “sneaky bass”.  And as one of the longest running instructors at Slam, he has transferred a lot of that passion into a love for teaching.  Catch him sampling his favorite cartoons – only to throw it onto a turntable so he can scratch with it over a track, or let him show you just why Operator is such a massive powerhouse and his methods for cranking wobbles to full tilt.  If you want to make dirty bass music on a personal level – MikeRat is your ninja.

Purchase a Lesson: $60/hr

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