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If you are already a producer, but looking for that edge that will make your beats pro, this is it. This course is designed for MCs & producers looking to dig in and succeed with their craft. If you want to sell your beats, collaborate, and dominate the field –  you need to be working alongside someone already doing it.  Enter Greg Grease, DJ Adatrak, and the Slam Academy Hip Hop Producer Program.

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3 Month Program

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You’re an MC – you know that you could do so much more if you could produce your own beats. This 12-week program is designed for you by King Karnov (producer for Dr. Dre, Miss Lauryn Hill, and many others), and taught by Greg Grease of ZULUZULUU.

Learn Sampling, Synthesis, and Recording in the Hip Hop industry, and apply those concepts to modern studio tools like the MPC, Maschine, APC40, Push, TR8, and more.  Go on a field trip with the DJs to a local vinyl shop, bring the tunes back to the studio and sample them straight off the decks into your productions!  Produce tag lines, record and process vocals, and chop/screw these recordings with expert guidance. Lastly, learn the do’s and don’t of the professional hip-hop industry and learn how you – an aspiring producer – can get started in the professional industry.

Greg Grease teaches Slam Academy’s Hip Hop Producer Program. Grease is a Musician / Visual Artist / Sewer out of Southside Minneapolis, featuring a blue-collar Afro-centricity present throuhout all of Grease’s music, particularly with his band Astralblak (aka ZULUZULUU), a Soul/Funk/Future Space movement created to empower and elevate through sonics.

Software Requirements: any DAW

Prerequisites: None

Enrollment limit: 8 students

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Weekly Schedule

  • Hip Hop Level 1: Hip Hop 101 - Styles, Origins, and Production Methods
    Comparing classic styles and origins of hip hop and what they involve ala DJ Mustard, DJ Premier, Chop/Screw, J Dilla, and more. Learn how to use the fundamental tools and techniques that make Hip Hop, from the microphones, drum machines, synthesizers, and samplers. Investigate the ways that the Sampler has inspired the genre, and learn the workflows used by Marley Mall, Timbalaand, Pete Rock, RZA, and others to bring these tools to life.
  • Hip Hop Level 2: Advanced Beat Making Techniques
    Go to the local indy record store and come back with some vinyl. Sample it with instructor guidance, and chop that sample into your own tune. Add synth lines that are in key, and add drums that are in the pocket. Turn your beat into a full song by tweaking those sounds and add extra flavor with effects, shout outs, and ultimately vocals in your own tune. Explore processing and pitch and time correction tools such as autotune, melodyne, and vocoding for extra attitude on that microphone.
  • Hip Hop Level 3: Producer Success Strategies
    Showcase your work as an artist or producer on the world stage the right way, with proper social media rollout techniques. Learn the ways that are tried and true in the 21st century for publishing, marketing, distribution, licensing, and more. Explore the various avenues a creative person can pursue in this field, from performer, producer, engineer, MC, and more. Hear industry success and failure stories from veterans in the game, and ultimately succeed yourself as you apply this knowledge to your own music and music career.

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Classes will run every Wednesday night from 7pm – 10pm, for a total of 12 weeks.
There is no application, and all experience levels are welcome. Just signup with the red buttons!

To enroll in the Hip Hop Producer Program, purchase below. This price includes all the required classes, at a significant discount from buying them individually.  

After payment for the program is received, we will contact you to welcome you to the program and answer any additional questions.
Price: $1800 (Includes all classes, All Access pass to all Slam Academy regular classes, (including online classes) and 6 months of SlamPass)
Payment plans are available for this program.

Join the Hip Hop Producer Program for only $235/month using our simple payment plan.
If you have any questions about the program, please contact us.

Software Requirements: any DAW

Prerequisites: None

Enrollment limit: 8 students

Enrollment Includes:

  • Admission to all Hip Hop Producer Program Classes
  • Admission to 6 months of SlamPass (3 months during the program & a 3-month complimentary SlamPass membership)*
  • Weekly feedback on tracks and projects during class Lab Time
  • Feedback on midway and final projects from Slam Teachers and Guest Artists
  • 25% Returning Student Discount on all future enrollments**
  • Free Instant Access Pass (access to complete non-program online video library)
  • Discounts and Special Offers on hardware and software from our friends at Foxtone Music

*SlamPass is only available to students currently enrolled in a program; students who have completed a program in the last 3 (or 1.5 or 6, program depending) months; or students who directly purchased a SlamPass

** Not valid with other discount offers & coupons.

2 week Add/Drop period – Money Back Guarantee

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