Welcome to the Slam Academy community!

We’re all passionate about music. In the end that’s what brings the people in this group together. Electronic music is probably the most complex and multifaceted genre of music in history; what other genre could encompass musicians as diverse as the Beatles, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Enya, Aphex Twin and Burial? Because the tradition is so holistic and encompassing, it tends to reach a lot of people.

Each of the founders of Slam Academy comes from a different background and we all have our favorites. Some of us live for House and Techno, some like Minimal music or avant garde Classical, some mostly listen to the weird stuff (ok, we pretty much all like the weird stuff). We started this company to share that passion and we’re thrilled that you decided to join us today.

Our students also come from different paths and have many interests and backgrounds; any given class contains many different visions of creativity and style. We want to help you explore those interests, expose you to new artists and ideas and if you’ve got a vision for new music we want to help you create it. We’re unified by that desire and love that’s common to all of these…the incomparable feeling of finishing a great track, and knowing that whether you play it for 5 people or 50,000, you are enriching the world with creativity and in your own way, making it a better place.

Thanks for joining us!
Slam Fam