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Don't just watch your favorite DJs Livestream, become one of them.

If the pandemic taught us (as artists) anything, it is that we need to be equipped with the skills to get our performances online at a moment's notice. In this class, we will focus on the techniques to get to the best quality sound, video, and interaction in a live-stream situation with any equipment.

After completing this program, you'll be able to:

Master Twitch

Using the industry-standard tools of the trade, you will be running the show on Twitch, FB Live, IG Live, YouTube Live, or any other platform. Saddle up for some monetization opportunities!

Collaborate and Engage

Slam Academy is a community. While in this class, you will meet your next great collaborative partner, someone to share the stage with, or even your new best friend.

Get Comfortable

Streaming is about more than just getting a good audio feed to the internet. It's about being comfortable in front of the camera, and managing your audience.

Get Gigs

We aren't just focused on making the best tracks. We want you to be publishing and selling those tracks as well. Be ready to finish this program with everything you need to start working professionally.

Ali Coyle (DJ Ali D)

Ali had always wanted to learn to DJ, ever since she was a kid. She found Slam and was able to turn that into a reality.

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David Sellers

David talks about his frustration with "free" tutorials and how his experience at Slam Academy was different.

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Ben Gardner (Bolo)

Listen to Ben talk about the resources he had access to as a student at Slam. Ben got from the classroom to the stage in no time.

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Meet Your Instructor:


Kyle King (Kyle Goodrich)

Music is my sword and shield – The motto of 30-year-old producer Kyle King. Born in Germany, and raised in America, Kyle developed a love of music at a very early age. He has played and learned several musical instruments, and is always looking to expand his repertoire. Eventually finding electronic music, Kyle was hooked from the start.

Registration to this class includes:

  • Access to all *NOW 8 weeks*, 3 hours per week, of the Digital DJ Program
  • Exclusive Ableton Certified Training
  • Join our Private Discord Community
  • 1-on-1 help from Slam Academy Instructors and/or Teaching Assistants
  • Access to the Slam Academy Studios for private room booking, recording sessions, & production use
  • Additional benefits for Members

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The 8 weeks of the Digital DJ Program teaches you everything you need to know to rock the virtual DJ booth with any style of music. Taught by Minneapolis’s most experienced DJs.

Digital DJ Curriculum

  • Level 1: Requirements to Stream

    Trick out your home studio to get it looking and sounding just right.
  • Level 2: DJ Setup

    In this section, we go deep into the weeds with the advanced settings in your audio and video setup.
  • Level 3: Streaming Software and Platforms

    In order to master live streaming, we need to create multiple scenes and get familiar with a few different apps.
  • Level 4: OBS

    OBS is the gold standard (and free!) for live streaming. We are going to master the ins-and-outs of this software.

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