This in-depth class unlocks the inner workings of one of the most powerful multi-mode synthesizer tools around: the Ableton Operator.
Coined as the “Swiss Army Knife” of synthesizers, the Operator is capable of handling the heaviest sound design tasks – and of keeping the process simple and effective from start to finish. Join master sound designer James Patrick as he details every single element within the Operator instrument. Though he’ll start by exploring it as a basic synthesis engine, by the end of the class he’ll reveal it to be an instrument capable of creating the most advanced, futuristic sounds of our time. He’ll talk about combining Additive, Subtractive and FM synthesis elements. He’ll also cover the details of creating drums, percussion, leads, brass, pads, and evolving textures.

Course Outline

  • FM & Operator Workflow
    • Introduction
    • FM Concept
    • Operator Fundamentals
    • FM Pro Tips
  • Subtractive, Mono, and Poly Techniques
    • Classic Subtractive Techniques
    • Mono FM Bass
    • Poly FM Leads
  • Drum & Percussion Synthesis
    • Drum Synthesis Percussion
    • Kicks and Toms
    • Snares and Hats
  • Advanced Techniques with Operator
    • Advanced Modulations
    • Crossfade and Aftertouch
    • Filter Models

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1.5 Hours

Course Instructor

Jay Allen Author

J. Anthony Allen is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic Sounds. His music has been heard internationally in film, radio, video games, and industrial sound, as well as the concert hall and theater. He currently is an adjunct professor of composition at the University of St. Thomas, and is the CEO and co-founder of Slam Academy in Minneapolis.



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