Welcome to the "Musician's Guide" Series!
This series is pulled directly from the courses I've created for my university position in Music Business. All of these courses are designed for the everyday musician - amateur or professional - who has little or no knowledge on the topic, but wants to master it.
This class is all about Band Partnerships and Legal Issues. In other words: How bands (and any musical collaboration) work together. In this class, I'll give you a template for a typical agreement between band members, and walk you through what everything means.

It is ideal for anyone who is in a band or wants to start a band. Especially:

  • Musicians: If you are making music with other people, you need to understand your rights and come to some understandings.
  • Producers: If you are producing for other musicians, you should have them under contract. In this class, I'll walk you through the entire contract, and give you a template to use.
  • Curious Minds: Anyone interested in how bands operate is invited to be a part of this class.

We will start by talking through what bands "have." That is more than just the PA that they bought together - it is also all their intellectual property - like songs, albums, any recordings, the band name, logos, flyers, and more. Then we will look at a typical band agreement (I'll give you a copy to use with your own band), and I'll walk you through every step of the agreement so you fully understand what is being asked.
The goal of this class is for you to understand how bands work together, and how to keep from suing each other once you start making money!

This course is NOT specific to any DAW program.

The recording studio has no genre - so all are welcome here.
Topics Covered:

  • Band Agreements (Contracts)
  • Real Property Bands Own
  • Intellectual Property Bands Own
  • Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Operating Agreements
  • Right to Use the Band Identity
  • Publishing
  • Email Lists, Social Media Accounts, and Contacts
  • Firing a Band Member
  • Adding a Band Member
  • Valuation of a Band
  • Financing a Band
  • Taking Out Loans
  • Investors and Bands
  • Splitting Profits
  • Splitting Losses
  • Breaking Up The Band
  • And much, much more!

Course Outline

  • Introduction & Overview
    • Introduction
    • What We are Covering Here
    • Tools You Will Need for This Class
    • Disclaimer: I Am Not A Lawyer
  • What is a Band Partnership?
    • What Bands Have
    • What Can Go Wrong
    • The Band as a Business
    • Operating Agreements
    • Example Template
    • [DOWNLOAD] Band Partnership File
  • Property
    • Real Property Issues
    • Intellectual Property Issues
    • Outside Collaborations
    • Right to Use the Band Identity
    • Publishing
    • Email Lists, Social Media Accounts, and Contacts
  • Changes in Members
    • Firing a Band Member
    • What They Are Entitled To
    • Adding a Band Member
    • Valuation of the Band
  • Leaving Members and Recording Agreements
    • Obligation to Record
  • Financing
    • Bootstrapping Finances
    • Money from Members
    • Outside Financing: Investors
    • Outside Financing: Loans
    • Accounting, Accounts, and Audits
  • Other Agreement Provisions
    • Profits and Losses
    • Meeting and Voting
    • Breaking Up The Band
    • Arbitration
    • The Answer Is In The Agreement
  • Wrap Up
    • What Comes Next?
    • Thanks for Watching!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 Hours

Course Instructor

Jay Allen Author

J. Anthony Allen is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic Sounds. His music has been heard internationally in film, radio, video games, and industrial sound, as well as the concert hall and theater. He currently is an adjunct professor of composition at the University of St. Thomas, and is the CEO and co-founder of Slam Academy in Minneapolis.



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