The DJ Program begins Wednesday, July 20, 2022 @ 7pm.

Registration to this class includes:

  • Access to all 12 weeks, 3 hours per week, of the DJ Program
  • Access to our Private Community on Discord
  • Access to the Slam Academy studios (Waterbury facility – Minneapolis, MN) for room booking, private use, and studio time.
  • Special offers from industry partners!

Course Information

Course Instructor

Anthony Kasper Instructor

Anthony Kasper, more commonly known by just his surname, is a Minneapolis based DJ and producer. The 30-year-old has been DJing and making music for over 12 years. With a deep passion for the craft, Kasper combines turntablist scratching and showmanship with intricate blending and selection. Since 2016 he has completed 2 USA tours covering 10 states, and 1 European tour covering 13 countries – including playing at Let It Roll festival, one of the largest EDM festivals in Europe. Production wise, his catalogue boasts 17 vinyl releases and 80+ digital releases via Fokuz, V Recordings, and other noteworthy labels. With hundreds and hundreds of gigs of experience, Kasper has knowledge of music and performance as both an art and as career.



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Please attend classes on campus, in-person at our NE Minneapolis campus, starting Wednesday, July 20, 2022 @ 7pm CST

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