A Day at SoundSet: How Music Affects Us

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By Grace Wethor (Guest Blogger, Slam Academy Student)

For me personally, music wasn’t just something that I enjoyed; I truly believe it saved my life. As a 16 year old currently fighting a brain tumor, music is one of the only things that brings me relief. Mixing beats on my laptop and attending festivals quickly became my way of forgetting about the MRIs and doctors’ appointments.

Growing up in Minnesota, I struggled to find peers that felt the same connection to music that I did. Then one day I found Slam Academy. I called my mom and we drove right there. Seeing a space where everyone was creative and felt that same draw to music was incredible for me. I instantly knew I had found a new place I fit in and a place to further my education of music.

A couple months ago, I set out on a journey to spread this positive influence that music had had on me. Knowing how much it helped me personally, I had to spread my form of music therapy with others. Seeing what a positive influence music festivals and places like Slam Academy had, I knew it had to be spread far and wide to anyone who would listen. When I found out I had the opportunity to attend SoundSet Festival in my hometown, I knew it was the perfect time to dig deeper into my questions about why music made me feel the way it did.

Grace pictured with Jaden Smith     

Grace’s view from backstage of Jaden Smith’s performance

This year’s line up featured artists such as Tyler The Creator, Jaden Smith, Migos, Logic, and more.

When walking into SoundSet, I instantly felt the vibe that I had felt when I first walked into Slam Academy. It is an overwhelming feeling of acceptance, positivity, and support. No one cared what illness you were dealing with, how many followers you had, or what you looked like. Even if it was just for one day, that entire day we were all just humans connecting and listening to music. There is something magical about that.

While there I got to catch up with some of the artists and talk to them about the impact music and festivals such as SoundSet have on them. They all agreed that music had saved their lives in one way or another. (Plus they all loved Minnesota, haha.)

Seeing everyone come together and bond over their love of DJs and Hip Hop artists was truly an amazing experience. To allow young people from Minnesota to experience music at this level is an amazing resource for them to feel connected to the artists they love and have time to just be. And in today’s day and age, I think it is really important to let go sometimes and just be. I’ve definitely learned a lot more over my years of pursuing music and love the feeling I get when I play a new track I’ve mixed, but there is nothing that compares to the feeling of seeing thousands of people singing together and jumping around. SoundSet is definitely a magical experience! I recommend everyone to attend, even once in their life, if possible. I also believe in the influence of understanding music more in depth and learning about what goes into your favorites artist work. And you never know, music may save your life too.



To learn more about SoundSet: https://soundsetfestival.com

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