If you have ever asked yourself while producing a track "what comes next" then look no further!

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Software and Hardware

Master the setup and get the best quality sound, lighting, and video.
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Twitch and More.

Get a grip on multiple platforms, including Twitch, FB Live, and others.
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The secret weapon of livestreaming is called OBS. Learn the ins-and-outs of OBS in this class.

You have learned Ableton basics and sound design. Take your skills to the next level and use this class to apply them to finishing a track that will seamlessly fit into your next DJ set. With over 10 years of music production experience, Prismatic will guide you to your next professional track!

After completing this program, you'll be able to:

Produce Professional Tracks

Using Ableton Live, industry-proven techniques, and special tricks and tips from our Ableton Certified Trainers, you will leave this class with finished, polished tracks.

Collaborate and Engage

Slam Academy is a community. While in this class, you will meet your next great collaborative partner, someone to share the stage with, or even your new best friend.

Find Your Sound

Get ready to be exposed to more music than you ever thought was possible. When you come out of this class, you will have a deep understanding of the sound you are looking for, and how to get it.

Produce, Mix, and Master

Use Ableton Live to mix and master your own songs so they sound as loud and clear as your favorite tracks.

Bass Music Production Curriculum

  • 1: Intro to EDM Composition & Breaking Down Intros

    What is a track's purpose? What kind of energy do you want your track to have? General overview of an EDM track's composition and flow.
    What is the tone you want to set with your track? What energy level do you want your track to start out with? What kind of elements do you think would fit with the tone and the desired energy level?
  • 2: Breaking Down Verses & Build Ups

    How do you want to progress the vibe of your track? Do you want your verse to be a melodic concept or something that creates tension for the build? What sort of melodic theme do you want your track to have?
    What elements do you want to use to tease your drop? How long do you want your build up to be? What would be the level of intensity for your build up so that it matches your drop?
  • 3: Breaking Down Drops & Exploring Different Drop Structures

    What is a drop? Discuss drop phrasing. Analyze the importance of drums in a drop.
    Analyze different kinds of drops. Do in depth into the different kinds of flows drops have. Stress the importance of simplicity in drops.
  • 4: Breaking Down Bridges & Adding a Second Verse

    What is a bridge? How long should your bridge be? How do you connect the two parts of your track together?
    What makes the second verse different from the first? What tone do you want to set with the verse? Will it be longer or shorter than the first verse?
  • 5: Adding a Second Build Up & a Second Drop

    What makes the second build different from the first? Will you be setting a different tone with your second drop? Will it be longer or shorter than the first build up?
    Is this drop going to be a brand new idea? If it's not a new idea, what are you going to do differently? What length of time do you want it to be and how should you have lead up to the outro?
  • 6: Breaking Down Outros & Finishing Touches to Overall Track Cohesion

    What is an outro? What is an appropriate way to end your track? What are appropriate elements for your outro?
    What do you need to do to your track to satisfy your vision? Are there any sections that need revisiting or scrapping? Are their any sounds that swapping?


  • For people like me, who care about creating amazing music more than just about anything else in their lives, Slam Academy is that secret sauce that you've always wanted, but never knew you needed. A place that people who truly want to become experts at music production can call home. Not only will you be given all the tools and techniques you need to make dope music, but you will be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals that you just can't help but get better.

  • I've learned a s***load from the videos on the website and the interactive sessions are great! I guess it would take me years of fiddling to find out some of the stuff - it's really helpful. You've touched on a lot of stuff where I get stuck in production, I feel this is gonna explode my workflow. Just wanted to say a million thanks, looking forward to the next class!

  • Bionik's [Instructor Stefon Taylor's] theories on creativity and songwriting have affected my work and I feel that I have "upgraded" as a musician because of them.  The other students in the class ranged from little studio knowledge to accomplished musician and I know everyone was able to connect, engage, and ultimately develop a solid mental concept for how to approach recording.

  • It has not only given me the skill to confidently use Ableton, along the way, my ears have been developing, I\'ve also learned about music theory, audio physics, synthesis, electronic music history and other mind-blowing subjects, and of course, I\'ve learned how music is produced with the highest quality standards. In just 6 months I got from feeling lost within the software to move around it like only I had seen pro\'s doing it.

  • I would like to express what a profoundly constructive, transformative force Slam Academy has been for my life to this point. Slam and its staff have provided me with the tools of the trade, several skilled pairs of guiding hands in the process of learning to use them, and myriad opportunities for creative exchange and collaboration. More fundamentally, you have shared your temple with me and given me a place to call home.

  • Slam Academy really made it real for me, and I wouldn't be there without the things you showed me...you really helped me step it up to the next level.  Just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and what you did for me.

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