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Slam Academy offers classes in two formats: In our Minneapolis studio, and online. If you are in the Twin Cities metro area, these are the classes for you. Register for a class and come be part of the Slam Family.

Upcoming Minneapolis Classes:

23SlamStock copy    [FREE] Intro to DJing (April 4, 2017)
The No. 1 place to start learning to perform your tracks live. At Slam Academy, we embrace all forms of DJing and electronic music performance. From the classic Vinyl Turntablist approach, to the modern, slicing, looping, granulating route that so…
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Screenshot 2015-10-15 16.10.37    [FREE] Mixing & Mastering Intro (March 27, 2017)
Make Your Tracks Stand Out From the Crowd. In today’s competitive music industry, poorly mixed or mastered music gets lost in the fray. To stand out from the crowd, having the sonic clarity, punch and polish that is achieved through…
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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.48.58 AM    Beats By Girlz: Live Performance with Ableton Live
Deep bass producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Aimerie (aka Kaite Watson) will share her experience performing at music festivals like Even Furthur and clubs such as the Exchange as well as being a lessons instructor at Slam Academy. The focus on…
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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.48.58 AM    Beats By Girlz: Ableton Series 1
Join acclaimed electronic artist and singer-songwriter Christine Hoberg in a comprehensive sequential class series that will give the student a solid foundation of Ableton and electronic music production fundamentals using curriculum developed by Erin Barra (Berklee College of Music, Coursera,…
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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.48.58 AM    Beats By Girlz: Beat Making Basics & Open Lab
Learn the basics of beat-making and step-sequencing taught by music educator, producer and multi-instrumentalist Laiken Strobush.  The external instrument for this class will be an Akai XR20 Beat Machine, and students will collaboratively program hip hop beats. Returning students are…
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21Mq7dsY_400x400    Film Scoring (In collaboration with IFP.MN)
This is an introductory level class that will focus on the essential techniques of creating sound and music for film. We will cover various software production techniques (including synthesis, foley, and sampling of acoustic instruments), as well as compositional techniques,…
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hand-microphone-mic-hold    Producing for Songwriters
Ever wonder how your favorite songwriters get a certain sound on their recordings? How about in live performance: How do they perform with additional tracks to backup their sound? And what do they do during the songwriting process to get…
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NightofPentacles2015_web-83    Making Beats!
In Making Beats with Ableton Live, course designer and lead instructor James Patrick walks you through a variety of groove creation workflows utilizing Ableton Live.  From simple Sequencing and Drum Rack configurations, to advanced techniques that employ slicing, sampling, remixing,…
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imgres    [FREE] Mic Drop: Examining the World of Microphone Design and Application
Microphones come in a million sizes, shapes, and colors. And those aren’t the criteria for buying one. We’ll break down the three main designs used in microphone construction and record several sound sources through expensive boutique vintage Neumanns and run…
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SlamAcademy_gearshots_Sept2016_web-23 copy    [FREE] Speaker Selection: A True Listening Party
According to the Fletcher-Munson curve, louder volumes do not help in critical listening. Speaker choice and monitor set-up can. Stop by Slam Academy for this free workshop demoing speakers from Yamaha, Genelec, ADAMS, and more to learn about tuning a…
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