Synchronizing Music Technology

Learn how to make music by synchronizing your musical devices, old and new. Featuring Ableton Live, Dave Smith Instruments, Expert Sleepers, Korg, Sequential Circuits, and more!

In this course we will examine ways to synchronize musical devices including vintage-to-modern MIDI compatible devices, as well as pre-MIDI analog instruments using CV (control voltage) and gate signals. We will also learn how to sequence and interface these devices with computer software making it possible to create studio and performance setups that integrate decades of music technology.

Day 1: FREE Preview Class! (Nov. 29)

Day 2: Demonstrate a Setup that Syncs Multiple Types of Devices (Dec. 6)

A. Show hardware connections
MIDI devices (Tempest MIDI/USB)
Audio synced devices (Korg Monotribe)
CV/Gate synced devices (Pro-One)

B. Show software settings that support sync
Audio sync track in Ableton for Monotribe
Expert Sleepers Silent Way or Pro-One
Various MIDI tracks / routings

C. Perform improvised set with the demonstrated setup
Perform for 30 minutes
Questions and Answers

Day 3: Describe and Demonstrate Synchronized Music Concepts (Dec. 13)

A. Sequencing and Arpeggiation
Software techniques (Ableton MIDI clips, Arpeggiator, etc.)
Korg Monotribe Step Sequencer
Tempest MIDI sequencer
Swing, Gate, and Glide

B. Expression / Dynamics
Velocity / Aftertouch
CC (Continuous Controller) Messages
Real-time control of analog devices

C. Synthesis Fundamentals
Subtractive Synthesis
Filtering (2/4 pole, high pass, low pass, band pass)
Modulation (LFO routing, Envelopes)

D. Performance techniques versus production techniques
Using the performance as a starting point
Cleaning up automation
Editing yourself

Day 4: Hands on Synchronization Workshop (Dec. 20)

A. Synchronizing MIDI devices
External controllers
External / internal sync
Song position pointer

B. Synchronizing Laptops
IAC (Inter-application Communication) Drivers
Internal versus external sync (who’s in control)
Setting up a WIFI network for MIDI sync

C. Synchronizing the Korg Monotribe
Discuss MIDI mods
Monotribe to Monotribe to Monotribe, etc.
Synchronizing the Monotribe to Ableton Live
Synched up Monotribe Jam

Instructor:John Keston

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