Slam Academy instructors are pulled from the leading industry professional producers, DJs, and educators. Wether they are teaching a class, or just hanging out, Slam Academy is the destination spot for the best electronic music talent in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Zilch Bio Pic    Aaron Zilch
Aaron Zilch has been producing and performing electronic music since 1996, starting with a hybrid system of second hand analog synths, hardware samplers, drum machines, broken stomp boxes and early digital audio workstations. As keyboardist/programmer/sound designer for American Head Charge he was signed to American Recordings. In 2001 they released "The…
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Su Na - Portrait    Alec Ness
As an artist, Alec is a predominantly an electronic musician, he began producing with Ableton Live in 2005. A classically trained percussionist, and former student of composition at McNally Smith College of Music, he continues to write and release music under the title “su na“. Additionally he owns SBMRSD, a…
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IMG_1984    Beatrix*JAR
Beatrix*JAR is a dynamic duo that works together to spread the good word of hands-on electronics with hands-on Circuit Bending Workshops and unique Sound Collage Performances. They have been featured at Art Museums, Night Clubs, Universities, Libraries, Hacker Spaces and Art Galleries all over the country including the Walker Art…
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Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.20.35 AM    Christopher Cunningham
Christopher Cunningham has enjoyed a long musical career as a guitarist/producer/composer/remixer/songwriter/bon vivant, collaborating on stages and in studios with many international and Twin Cities artists— including Marianne Faithfull, Joan Osborne, John Lurie’s Lounge Lizards, Gavin Friday, Boukman Eksperyans, Coloring Time, Kill the Vultures, Omar Farouk Tekbilek, Katell Keineg, The Contortions,…
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DW_BricksArtistPic    David Wiesjahn (CORA)
David Wiesjahn is a Minneapolis based music producer, sound designer and drummer.  David has been performing professionally for the past 10 years and producing electronic music for the past 8 years.  After receiving his degree in drum set performance from McNally Smith College of Music, he began writing and performing…
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ivo-square-223x223    Ivo Ivanov (Glitchmachines)
Ivo Ivanov is a seasoned sound designer, educator and electronic musician with over 20 years of experience.  He is best known for his vast creative contributions to Glitchmachines, where he is the Audio Director and Lead Sound Designer. In addition to running Glitchmachines for over a decade, Ivo has also…
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credit-Dan_Olson    J. Anthony Allen
J. Anthony Allen (PhD - Music, Ableton Certified Trainer, Slam Academy Founder and CEO, & Grammy Nominated Educator) has worn the hats of composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, DJ, remix artist, multi-media artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Allen is a versatile creator whose diverse project experience ranges from works…
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Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 7.35.04 PM    James Patrick
15-year DJ/ music producer, curator of the International Spark Festival, owner of Timefog Recordings, and Ableton Certified Trainer; James Patrick is a sound artist who thrives on bringing together the creative energy and ideas of his community. Through collaboration and experimentation, he creates immersive environments that  explore the evolving definitions…
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keston_photo    John Keston
John Keston's work involves performance, composition, music software development, and sound art. In 2007 he founded the sound design resource and community,, where he documents his ongoing projects and research. The site has attracted an international group of industry professionals who participate as contributors.John’s group Keston and Westdal performed…
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juke-square    Juke Nukem
The next time you walk into the spot looking for his style and the steward asks you how you want it served. You look that soda jerk square in the eye, grab him by his favorite suspenders, and retort: “A dirty glass comprised of Turntablism, equal parts Juke/Footwork, the zest…
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aimerie_bio    Kaite Watson (Aimerie)
Kaite Watson (Aimerie) is an electronic music producer based out of Minneapolis, MN. Her journey as a musician began with piano lessons at a young age and continued as she was classically trained as a flautist. While her main focus today is on the deeper side of electronic music, Kaite…
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Leon J_1    Leon J
Minneapolis-based producer, performer and educator Leon J is a creative forerunner and influence in the electronic music community. With nearly two decades of professional experience, Leon J has produced both remixed and original music featured on Beatport, Crooklyn Clan and Crack 4 DJs. An Ableton Certified Trainer and Product Specialist,…
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mikerat    MikeRat
Michael Pendergast (MikeRat) is a producer, DJ, and promoter that has been heavily involved in the Minneapolis dubstep scene for the past 4 years.  He was introduced to Ableton Live in 2009 and has since created his own blend of dubstep, glitch, and hip-hop which he affectionately refers to as…
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DSC_0556    Nick Bjelopetrovich
Nick Bjelopetrovich is a underground groove driven music producer and performer. He has been DJ'ing/performing for about 5 years and producing/releasing music for 3. His artist name, Bjëlo, is the moniker for lush grooves and sonic bliss.
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IMG_8850    Nick Shvetzoff (Nicky Boy Floyd)
Nick Shvetzoff (Nicky Boy Floyd) has been producing deep electronic music since 2010. From the foundation of an MPC and a small vinyl collection, Nick has been pushing himself and his productions to new heights. Currently, his areas of expertise include Ableton Live, sound design, drum programming, Serato, and Dubstep…
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Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.40.41 AM    Tanya Norman
Tanya has a history of demonstrated excellence across a wide array of music industry pursuits. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Music with a business emphasis from Winona State University coupled with a Recording Engineering diploma from Music Tech in Minneapolis she set off on a career path which…
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TN pic    Travis Norman
Travis Norman has been an active electronic musician for 15 + years and is currently focusing his efforts into producing, performing, and remixing as ½ of the techno music duo known as Complicit. The pair have released material on respected international record labels including Aerotek, Grid Based Beats, Innerflight, and…
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