Mixing & Mastering


Make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

In today’s competitive music industry, poorly mixed or mastered music gets lost in the fray. To stand out from the crowd, having the sonic clarity, punch and polish that is achieved through the processes of mixing and mastering is a must.

With Slam Academy’s Mixing & Mastering Program, learn how the art of Mixing creates dynamics and balance, and how this essential process prepares your work for Mastering. Then, in the Mastering lessons, discover how to bring the excitement, power and sheen out of your mix in order to translate on any playback system and share your music with the world.

Join us for this 12-week journey through the science and art of taking your production value to the next level, and learn how to achieve the professional results that will set your work apart from the rest.

In addition to using Ableton Live’s native devices, this course utilizes iZotope’s Alloy 2 and Ozone 7 plugins. Educational discounts are available for enrolled students.

Prerequisites: Slam Academy’s Ableton Live Program, or advanced knowledge of operating within a DAW; complete songs ready to Mix and Master.

Enrolling in this program includes a 9-month all-access SlamPass membership!

The next start date is: Monday, July 10, 2017. From 7pm – 10pm.

*Enrollment limited to 10 students

Class Topics
The twelve weeks of the Mixing & Mastering Program have been structured and developed by our own Ableton Certified Trainers and expert mixing engineers.

Week 1: What is Mixing?

  • The mixing environment and setup
  • Training your ear
  • What are we trying to do?

Week 2: The Balance of Sound

  • Gain staging
  • Understanding frequency
  • Cleaning up the mud

Week 3: Creating Puzzle Pieces

  • Sculpting audio with EQ
  • Making room in the mix
  • Lead vs. supporting roles

Week 4: Compression and Imaging

  • Using compression effectively
  • Stereo imaging
  • Depth and listening in 3D

Week 5: Mixing Track Levels

  • Headroom
  • Using automation
  • Exporting your mix: formats, considerations

Week 6: Mixing Midterm

  • Student presentations
  • Instructor feedback

Week 7: Preparing your session for mastering

  • Reference tracks
  • Having a vision
  • Mastering with Ozone 7

Week 8: Bringing the song to life

  • Selecting your device chain
  • Signal flow decisions
  • Where to start with mastering?

Week 9: The loudness war

  • Making use of headroom in the mix
  • How much is enough?
  • Maintaining dynamics

Week 10: Mastering with EQ, distortion, and imaging

  • Dynamic EQ
  • Excitation/Saturation
  • Imaging

Week 11: Final touches and exporting 

  • Limiting
  • Mastering for compressed audio formats
  • Exporting

Week 12: Mastering Final Projects

  • Student presentations
  • Instructor feedback

Classes will run every Monday from July 10  – October 2, 7pm – 10pm, for a total of 12 weeks.

To enroll in the Mixing & Mastering Program, purchase below. This price includes all the required class sessions.  After payment for the program is received, students will receiving a welcome email with useful information about preparing for their class.

Price: $2012 (Includes all classes, All Access pass to all Slam Academy regular classes, (including online classes) and 1 year of Lab Time) Payment plans are available for this program. Join the Mixing & Mastering Program for only $170/month!

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us.

Registration is only $170/month! You will not find a more cost-effective comprehensive Mixing & Mastering Program on the planet.

Enrollment Includes:

  • Admission to all Mixing & Mastering Program Classes
  • Admission to 9 months of Slam Academy Lab Time (3 months during the program & a 6-month complimentary SlamPass membership)
  • Weekly feedback on tracks and projects during Slam Academy Lab Time
  • Feedback on midway and final projects from Slam Teachers and Guest Artists
  • FREE Admission to all other Slam Academy classes while enrolled in the Program*
  • FREE Admission to all Slam Academy Online classes
  • Discounts and Special Offers on hardware and software from our friends at Foxtone Music

* Includes only classes not part of a Program.

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