DJ Program

Everyone knows the effect great music has a crowd. Today’s DJs are experts on the power of music to move people, and with the right knowledge that power can be yours.

Our DJ program will take you through every step of what it takes to become a pro, from the foundations of the genre to the most current and advanced techniques. You will learn to beat and key match, manage the elements of musical arrangement, understand musical tension and release cycles, and combine the right track types to create effective and powerful sets. The class will use Traktor, one of today’s most cutting-edge DJ performance tools. By the end of the class, you will be harnessing the power of your favorite tracks and ready to perform them live. 

Enrolling in this program includes a 9-month all-access SlamPass membership!


The first half of the program focuses on the foundations of the genre, classic techniques and performance workshopping. In the second half of the program the instruction moves on to more advanced techniques, more interactive performance & critique with the instructor.

All of our program purchases include free admission to our smaller classes and free access to all our instant online class content including Ableton Live Intro, Producing Drums with Live, Sound Design Fundamentals, Music Theory for Electronic Musicians, and more. Join the Slam family and start learning with us today!

Classes run 7pm – 10pm one night per week starting April 18 and ending July 11.

DJ Level 1:
(Weeks 1-2)

  • Classic DJ techniques
  • Anatomy of a beat
  • Common song structures
  • Intro to Traktor

DJ Level 2:
(Week 3-4)

  • Foundations of Performance
  • Keymatching
  • Beatmatching
  • Sampling
  • Sets in Traktor
  • Mixing and Phrasing Techniques

DJ Level 3:
(Week 5-6)

  • Performance workshopping
  • Audio effects
  • Lab work
  • Feedback sessions

DJ Level 4:
(Week 7-8)

  • Advanced DJ Techniques
  • Practice/Showcase

DJ Level 5:
(Week 9-10)

  • Advanced DJ Techniques
  • Practice/Showcase

DJ Level 6:
(Week 11-12)

  • Advanced DJ Techniques
  • Practice/Showcase

Payment Plans Available!
Click here to register for only $255/month for 6 months!


The full price of this program is $1499 for the full 12 weeks. As with all of our programs, this includes:

  • Admission to all 12 weeks of the program
  • Admission to 9 months of Slam Academy Lab Time (3 months during the program & a 6-month complimentary SlamPass membership)
  • Full access to all of our online classes
  • Full access to any “short courses” that happen during your program. Examples include Dance Music Production, Max for Live, Ableton Intro, and many more.

To register with a single payment of $1499, click here.

Payment Plans Available!
Click here to register for only $255/month for 6 months!



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